10 Best Games That Let You Escape From Prison

Escaping from prison is not an easy job, you have to plan ahead, time your attempts perfectly and always be one step ahead in case the guards sense something. Because it’s as exciting as it is difficult, this daring endeavor has been included in more than a few video games and, as a consequence, we’re going to make an inventory with 10 of the best games that let you escape from prison in some of the most memorable ways imaginable!

Splinter Cell: Double Agent

The second mission from Splinter Cell: Double Agent places the players inside a cell located in the Ellsworth Federal Penitentiary. The main objective is to break out of this prison and help Jamie Washington escape with you, without alerting the guards. The whole level is a game of hide and seek where you have to find the best possible ways of crouching behind objects, neutralizing guards without killing them and starting a riot amongst prisoners to conceal your escape plan.


source: fable.wikia.com

source: fable.wikia.com

Prison Escape is the name of the main quest found in Fable and it requires you to save your mother from the Bargate Prison. In order to do so you need to let yourself be captured and get locked into a cell where you’ll spend about one year because you are not able to find the right lock combination initially. Fable really likes to take its time and tease the players before facing them with the most intense final boss ever: The Kraken. Of course, you’ll need to repeat a few of the mission steps before you’ll get it right, but this is part of the quest’s charm, isn’t it?

Deus Ex

Yet another instance where you are placed inside a prison cell with the clear task of getting out while being as discrete as possible can be found throughout the chapter where you have to escape from the Majestic 12 jail in Deus Ex. A mysterious entity named Daedalus will unlock the cell door and from there on you’ll have to sneak up to the guarding troopers, incapacitate them and collect the useful items that will start filling your otherwise empty inventory.