10 Best Games That Let You Play As The Bad Guy

Sometimes even the bad guys have their reasons for being so bitter and angry all of the time, other times they do it just for fun. Regardless of their reason, today’s list is about the video games that let us crank up the evil inside and proceed on killing innocent people or doing other nefarious deeds.

With a story-line that allows us to choose the darkest of sides or to straight up wade slaughter, these gaming titles give us a taste of our own medicine for all of those times when we were playing valiant heroes that slayed those evil villains.

This was our list highlighting some of the best games that let you play as the bad guy and we hope you’ve enjoyed our video. We often ask our audience for suggestions to compile these lists, if you’d like to contribute, please follow FragHero on Facebook.

The featured image is from SCUM a New Open World Game Lets You Play as an Escaped Prisoner..