These are the 10 Best Romance Options in Games That will Leave You Hot and Bothered

Romantic relationships are a complex and sometimes wearisome experience but they are definitely a part of our lives as social animals. Because we usually try to find similarities between the real world and the plot of the video games we play, the possibility of “romance” adds to the authenticity. We compiled a list with 10 of the best romance options based on both on the diversity of experience a game offers and on the visual and emotional impact certain romantic moments have about them.

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater – Snake & Eva
MGS3-Snake-and-EVA Eva is pretty much the single option in terms of romantic interests but the cutscene where she and Naked Snake have some intimate moments was enough to make us include it on our “relationships that leave you hot and bothered” list. EVA met Naked Snake in Tselinoyarsk, during Operation Snake Eater and an inevitable relationship began to develop during a bunch of other missions they had together. Even though Snake was initially hesitant towards this new romantic affair that was starting to form between the two of them, the events that unfolded in the cave behind the waterfall made us think he had a change of heart. Of course, fan theories started to flow after finishing Metal Gear Solid 3, the main question being if they continued their relationship and if Raiden is the fruit of their swift love affair.

Dragon Age Inquisition – Flirt with Anybody
dragon age inquistion flirtUnlike the other Dragon Age titles where it was possible to romance only the companions, this installment allows the Inquisitor to flirt with any character they wish. Once a relationship is “locked”, no other engagements can be made, the player needing to split up with the actual love interest to be able to pursue a new one. Whether you are a male or a female player, the choices are very varied when it comes to romantic interests. Cassandra and Dorian are the options for the males, while Blackwall and Sera for the females, and if you are still not satisfied with these choices than maybe the exotic looking and highly carnal pansexual Iron Bull will be the right match.

Skyrim – Quests for Marriageimage: postcards from skyrim
In Skyrim there are specific steps you must follow if you want to get married to certain NPCs. A special necklace named the amulet of Mara has to be obtained and worn by the Dragonborn in order to signal the fact that you are eligible for a more serious life commitment. There are no gender restrictions, nor is there discrimination based on race, meaning that you can wed a Khajit or a Bosmer, or any other species that is up for it. However in order to actually be able to make the big step you’ll have to find those specific characters that’ll give you the quests needed to put the ring on it. The list of both female and male partners is quite extensive, so don’t worry, the chosen one is waiting for you somewhere out there.

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt – Triss or Yennefer
Geralt’s two major love interests are Triss Merigold and Yennefer of Vengerberg; besides these lovely ladies there are also others you can romanticize and get close to, but these two are the protagonists of the story. Triss is an older flame that can be rekindled after finishing some quests together and there is a very specific series of conversation choices the player must select in order to get together with her. Meanwhile, Yennefer’s storyline also interweaves with yours and you can choose her instead of Triss if this is what you want, but there is also a third option: romance both of the ladies and see how this will finally end up. Not to spoil your dreams, but if you get too greedy, you’ll lose both Triss and Yennefer if you won’t be able to settle for just one.

Harvest Moon – A Whole Lot of Choices
This farming simulator video game series doesn’t only focus on letting you raise livestock, fish and forage but also encourages romantic relationships. In order to be able to approach a certain NPC he or she must have a high level of affection towards you. Discovering the items that the bachelor or bachelorette desires and offering them as gifts can help the player obtain in-game courtship points. There also are some special side quests that let the player resolve a crisis to increase the marriageable girl’s affection. Depending on the game there are several romantic interests and rivals you must outsmart to win the heart of your beloved. We would also like to honorably mention Stardew Valley here, as it’s pretty much a spiritual successor that kept most of the gameplay elements of the original Harvest Moon.

Life is Strange – Chloe or Warren
Max, the photography student and the protagonist of the story, is an utterly complex character and the romantic options she is given during the gameplay are equally complicated. As the player that controls her actions, you can choose to relate in a myriad of subtle ways with the ones around you, especially with those that might become a love interest. Thus, in one of the scenes from Episode 3, you’ll have the choice to kiss Chloe, opening new paths in the gameplay and ultimately leading to their final farewell together. On the other hand, Max can also choose Warren and give an alternate outcome to the whole plot of the game. Either way, the romantic connections from Life is Strange are by far some of the deepest and most organic you’ll ever find in a video game.

Mass Effect – Commander Shepard and Anyone
When it comes to variety, the Mass Effect trilogy offers a great deal of love affairs you can get into. All kinds of relationships are encouraged, be them heterosexual or homosexual, Commander Shepard being able to relate to whomever he or she wants. Through some dialogues choices, you are more than free to start up an intimate conversation with various characters. While the first installment of the series allowed only one love interest, the third one had an impressive number of no less 11 different options. The choices you make can evolve from game to game so the array of possible romantic relationships is really at its peak in the Mass Effect series.

Persona 4 – Pretty Much Everyone
This Japanese role playing game offers some of the most authentic high school romances you could ever wish for. They are mixed with the age specific feelings of sexual insecurity and on top of all that you’ll find some extremely accurate depictions of sexual identity issues that give way to intricate sentimental mazes. The romance evolves in a highly organic way, similar to real life, the player being able to go to rather ominous dates that mark him or her for quite a long in-game period. For its power of reporting reality in such an organic way, Persona 4 deserves all of our attention and respect.

Fire Emblem Awakening – You and Chrom
The romantic bonds in Fire Emblem Awakening form by fighting alongside each other rather than by dialogue. If soldiers spend a lot of time on the battlefield together they will become more and more close to each other up to the point where they will start some very interesting conversations to say the least. Chrom is one of the main characters you can get close to and fans seem to have a love/hate kind of relationship towards him since sometimes you can end up accidentally marrying him. But since he is the Lord of the game, a lifetime together seems to be the best path to follow as the storyline falls in place amazingly well when getting together with Chrom and even having children together.

Catherine – Katherine or Catherine
In Catherine the player can choose between two different women, each of them offering a unique ending to the story. If you like block-like puzzles mixed with dating sim elements then Catherine is the perfect example of how you can get the best from both worlds. Vincent, is a hardworking man who has the choice to be committed to his sweet girlfriend Katherine (with a K) or go the other way and start a new life with the rebel succubus named Catherine (with a C). In order to decide between the two girls, the player has the option of answering lots of questions and even send them text messages, these helping him make the final call. What is really great about this game is that it offers a highly intriguing gameplay mechanic where the player gets to decide what type of relationship he’s interested in: a more innocent one or a full blown passion roller-coaster.