10 Famous Characters Recreated In Fallout 4’s DLC Using Robots

Bethesda has added a really fun new mechanic to Fallout 4, through the Automatron DLC. The robot customization is so good in-fact, that players have been able to remake famous characters from other games or media, with pretty good resemblance, similar to how you’ve seen tons of famous faces made with the character creation.

Check them out then hop on Fallout 4 and try your hand at some of your own. Just make sure you have enough materials to spare..

Bender, Futurama


Claptrap, Borderlands


Samus, Metroid Prime


Big Daddy, Bioshock

big daddy

Clamps, Futurama


Fisto, Fallout 3


Wall-E & Eve, Wall-E

R2D2 & C3P0, Star Wars

star wars

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