10 Gamers Who Tragically Died Playing Videogames

Gaming is not generally viewed as a strenuous activity, but for those who push things to the limit playing marathon sessions, it can get pretty intense.

Becoming too addicted to a certain video game may prove to be a problem for your social life, but when you neglect the signals your body is telling you it’s possible to suffer dire consequences.

It seems crazy, but gaming can result in a dangerous combination of stress and sitting still. While gaming remember to stay hydrated, eat healthy snacks, and get up to go for a walk every once in a while.

Taiwanese Man Dies after 3-Day Gaming Session


A 32 year old Taiwanese Man named Hsieh, died of a heart attack after continually playing for three consecutive days. He was unemployed so the next best thing he could do was to go to an Internet café and engage in intensive gaming sessions.

What is completely outrageous, besides the evident dying-while-playing video games scenario, is the fact that it took the employees of the cafe and the other gamers present there a few hours from Hsieh’s collapse to actually notice that he was dead.