10 Games Banned By Twitch For Being Too Offensive


Streaming is a great thing. People can play various games live and they can receive instant feedback from their viewers, but sometimes it can get weird. We’re talking really weird here. Twitch has a policy that you must stream games and pretty much nothing else on their platform, but this statement didn’t initially cover some games that were showing off more than they should. Once Twitch got wind of this, they quickly started banning certain naughty games from their service. And that’s why today we are going to be talking about ten games that were banned by Twitch.



What were the developers of this game thinking? BMX already has an X in it, so we might as well make it a triple X game? … As you may have guessed, it’s a BMX action sports title containing nudity, foul language and adult humor. That’s it! I guess after Dave Mirra Freestyle and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, these types of games were popular back in 2002. To be fair, in BMX XXX you don’t have to unclothe your character … but let’s be honest, what do you think the streamers on Twitch did?

Sakura games

Here we are including Sakura games like: Angels, Santa, Spirit, Fantasy, Beach and Swim Club. All of them are basically reskins of the same type of game: Erotic Visual Novel, although the developers call it “angelic love comedy”, because these anime big breasted women have magic powers and are fighting a mysterious evil. Along the way, as you may have guessed, the characters will be shown partly or fully naked and extremely sexualized.

HunieCam Studio

At number 8 we have another manga game. It is a spin-off to the adult hybrid tile matching puzzle game that was also banned from Twitch named HuniePop. HunieCam Studio, however, takes a step further in the form of a business simulation game with the same adult theme. You will be the manager, or should I say Pimp, of a sleazy cam girl operation where you hire girls, promote your perverted fetishes and gather fans. Manage your company well and you just may get the big dick trophy

Second Life

You may be thinking what could be wrong with this game. It’s just a life simulation game, right? Well, you would be right in assuming this, but it’s not the game that is at fault here, but the players that view this game only as a gateway to experiencing perverted sexual activities and nothing more. You might just want to experience something non-sex related in it, but you can’t, because you would be surrounded by weirdos.

Purin To Ohuro

Believe it or not, this game is kind of a fighting simulator, but it’s very weird. For some reason you, the player, are taking a bath with this girl named Purin and maybe you are a jerk, because you don’t wanna share the bathtub so obviously you start hitting the girl over and over again so that the bathtub will be all yours. Either Purin will leave or, if you punch hard enough, she dies in the tub. Yeey! Fuck! I don’t know what sick bastard came up with this idea, but I’m glad that they banned this game from Twitch. It also had the option of playing against an unclothed Purin, obviously.

Cobra Club

Dick Pics! They’re fun, right? Well somebody made a game about them. And it’s highly explicit. Unlike our previous entries, where the characters were cartoony, this one follows the realistic art style. And all you do in this game is chat with other dick pic-ers and show them your dick, which you can modify in shape and size using the sliders. If only you can do that in real life. Oh, and don’t forget to use those fancy photo filters, you pervert!

The Guy Game

This piece of filth is actually a mix between live action footage and a trivia game show. So, this time, you’re not going to be looking at topless pixelated models, but at real girls that took their top off in front of a camera operator. They basically do this if you get the answers right. This game is all about the flashes and frankly it shouldn’t be on Twitch. A girl that was featured in this game even sued, because she was 17 when they recorded her.

Battle Raper

I urge you to read the title of this game again, because it’s not Reaper or Rapier, no-no … it’s Raper, it has to do with Rape. How the hell did this even get published in the first place?! Anyway, this is a fighting game, although some moves that the characters make can be associated with fighting while others are associated with raping, because what did you expect from a game with a title like this?


Again with the title… same problem. Probably because it’s developed by the same sick fucks, Illusion Soft. So it’s either a play on the word Lay, which can have a sexual connotation or Play, because it’s a video game. I don’t know, the main gist of this game is …sigh… A male character protagonist who stalks and rapes a mother and her two daughters. There, I said it, I’m done. What?! You wanna hear about the variety of sexual position, forced fellatios and about a fucking counter to internal ejaculations which gives you multiple endings of pregnancy or murder? No?! I thought so… moving on…

But before we check out the number 1 game that deserved to be banned from Twitch, let’s view a few dis-honorable mentions:

Suck My Dick or Die!, What’s Under Your Blanket?, Rinse and Repeat


They call it “the Most Innovative 3D Sex Game of the Year” and it’s exactly that. At least it doesn’t beat around the bush, unless you’re thinking about a different kind of bush. Again, this game uses realistic graphics and explicit content. If you’re a pervert looking for a virtual partner that you can tie up and hardcore fuck then this game is for you. If you would like to do this on Twitch, well, you’re a sick fuck and thankfully you can’t stream it, because it’s banned. Beyond the attraction of virtual-carnal actions (which I think are kind of opposing words) you do have the option of customizing your character, your sex den, I mean house and you can even play some beach volleyball. ‘Cause I’m sure that’s why people download this game.