10 Games That Let You Destroy The Entire World

For those moments when you feel like blowing off some steam we compiled a list of games that let you destroy pretty much everything in your path, up to the point where you can actually wipe out an entire planet or race. Be them explosive by nature or more of a tactical solution, these gaming titles are definitely going to test your decision making skills when it comes to choosing the best method of annihilating an entire species or bombing some of your enemy’s cities. So let us cut to the chase and dive into the best 10 games that let you finish your day with a bang!

Mass Effect 3

Games destroy world FHIf you choose the Destroy ending in Mass Effect 3 you will decide the fate of the galaxy by killing the Reapers and saving the rest. Along with this option the geth perish, all synthetics become extinct, but they will be created again. The cinematic for the final moments has such a big visual impact due to the bursts of fire that methodically swallow up buildings, creatures and ships. If you’re into games that end with a really big bang, then this is the ending you’ll want to choose when finishing Mass Effect 3.

Call of Duty: Black Ops – Zombies

Source: Treyarch

Source: Treyarch

The last DLC pack named Rezzurection brings a very special Easter Egg that is situated on the Moon map. Here Dr. Richtofen completes his “grand scheme” by defeating the master of the zombies, so he could put himself in control instead. During the completion of this Easter Egg there is a moment where you can actually blow up Earth. Three nuclear missile are launched from Area 51 that is actually located on the Moon and you can watch as they travel towards Earth and final blow it to smithereens.

rampage game
Up to three players can simultaneously control three monsters: a giant King-Kong inspired gorilla, a Godzilla-like dinosaur and huge werewolf. Their goal is to destroy everything in a city by eating humans, taking down helicopters, taxis, police cars and buildings. After finishing with one such town you’ll be able to pass to another, so on and so forth over the course of 128 days repeated in 5 cycles, so in the 769th day the game resets back to Day 1. The systematic destruction of each city is what makes Rampage a suitable candidate for our list.

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Civilization (series)
In Civilization 5 the ultimate weapon of the warmonger is the nuclear missile. It has a range of 12, destroying any city within the blast radius of 2 tiles. The thermonuclear bombs from the most recent title of the series, namely Civilization 6, are even more devastating, spreading fallout over a larger area for 20 turns. If you can stockpile enough nukes and send them into your enemy’s territory you’ll end up destroying significant parts of the continent and wiping the entire civilization off the face of the Earth.

Destroy All Humans!
Cryptosporidium 137 is a member of the fictional Furon race of alien life, who has come to Earth to harvest DNA from humans to continue the cloning process of his species. During the gameplay all kinds of destructive acts take place: such as destroying Area 42 (a parody of Area 51) with an atomic bomb and killing an air-force General named “Armquist”. But the climax is when Crypto manages to assassinate the president of the U.S. and, in addition to this, he also brutally slaughters all members of the U.S. Congress. A series of sequels and spin offs have been released as a consequence of the success the original Destroy All Humans! Title had.

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3
Several characters from the Dragon Ball Z universe have the power to destroy the planet as an aftermath of their ultimate blast. For example, Frieza’a attack from Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 is named “Destroy the Planet!” and it is able to drill a hole into the planet’s core and create a significant explosion on parts of its surface. After this blast, it is obvious that the planet will be utterly changed into a deserted wasteland.

Red Faction: Guerrilla
The third installment of the Red Faction series allows the player to destroy everything in his way with the sledgehammer at hand. Actions such as breaking or crashing through different structures or flattening bridges are absolutely achievable and can even help the player reach goals such as gathering the salvage and using it as currency to unlock more weaponry. Explosives are yet another way that can help you blow things up in the attempt to destroy pretty much every construction that is laid before you. Red Faction: Guerrilla is gamers’ favorite way of entertainment when it comes to destroying the world around them.

Mercenaries 2: World in Flames
The plot of the game features a mercenary who is on the quest of getting revenge on the man who betrayed him and, to do so, a fair amount of mayhem and destruction needs to be caused. The new engine of the game allows the player to set oil and foliage on fire and destroy huge parts of the environment that surrounds him. Mercenaries 2: World in Flames is a blow-everything-up type of game at its core and you’ll find that tactical nukes and cruise missile strikes are ordinary occurrences that take up an important part of the gameplay.

Rise of Nations
Similarly to Civilization 5 and 6, in Rise of Nations you can nuke entire cities and wipe them off the map. After the first nuclear bomb is detonated an Armageddon Clock appears on the player’s screen and it is a clear indication of the end of the known world caused by the Nuclear Warfare. This situation occurs when, depending on how many players engage, a certain number of missiles are launched. After the Armageddon counter reaches zero, the game ends, and all players lose the game with no score whatsoever. And now you know why Rise of Nations is known as a game of destruction.

Plague Inc.
World destruction doesn’t necessarily need to be done through massive explosions, it can also be caused by a deadly disease. Plague Inc. tests the player’s creativity by setting the goal to permanently terminate humanity by infecting it with a fatal pathogen that needs to be customized in order to spread a global epidemic. There are several pathogens you can choose from starting with a bacteria and continuing with viruses, fungi, nano-viruses, bio-weapons and many more. Just be careful of those pesky humans that are trying to develop a cure.