10 Horrifying Games That Let You Mercilessly Nuke the World

Unleashing utter devastation over a large area of land, nuclear weapons have always been a thing of both wonder and terror. Their immense power fascinated gamers so much that they immediately wanted to get their hands on games that would allow them to use these weapons to blow their enemies into their atomic constituents. Since the appetite for destruction is so great, we are going to be listing our 10 most horrifying games that let you nuke the world in some of the most spectacular ways imaginable!

Rise of Nations

The Nuclear Missile from Rise of Nations can be built once the player has reached the Modern Age and it requires a Missile Silo to be developed. This vicious weapon is able to cause immense amounts of impairment but it has quite a small blast radius, the Nuclear ICBM being its upgraded version that has an increased effect over a larger area. Once a nuclear missile was fired, an Armageddon “timer” is triggered, its number decreasing each time a player launches another missile. When it hits zero, the game ends for everyone due to nuclear doomsday.


The TAC Gun can be modified into the more damaging TAC cannon that once attached to a tank it becomes, virtually, the most potent weapon in the game. It is very efficient against enemies’ bases and it can annihilate several tanks in a radius of about 200 meters. In addition to this, the TAC cannon can be fired at a relatively close range since it is highly resilient to the blast that results from the explosion. It can only hold two projectiles, but it does horrific amounts of destruction if it’s wielded by an experienced player.

World in Conflict

Some of the best ways you can use the in-game tactical aid points is to purchase all sorts of powerful weapons and military grade tactics such as airborne reinforcements, napalm strikes and artillery barrages. But the ultimate investment you could make is definitely the nuclear warhead that can be dropped on the enemy’s territories to create some of the most spectacular and damaging mushroom clouds ever seen in gaming history. Together with the screeching sound effects and the white flashes from the explosion, this is one of those chilling experiences you’ll never forget.

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