10 Horror Games That Can Cause Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Video games are not just for fun and giggles, some of them are so scary that they make you scream in sheer terror. Horrible monsters that suddenly appear in front of you, haunted houses and a soundtrack that makes your skin crawl are just some of the ingredients that make a horror game worth its money. And since the market is chock-full of pretty good ones, we thought you’d very much appreciate a list with 10 of the most intense titles that can cause post-traumatic stress disorder, especially for the faint-hearted.

Alan Wake
Alan Wake is not necessarily considered a scary game if you’re thinking about extreme gore and scabrous enemies who want to rip your head off, it rather affects you at a deeper subconscious level. Structured like a thriller movie, this horror game has you wander into the night in a town that has a strong resemblance with the one in Twin Peaks. Equipped with a mere pistol and a flashlight you’ll have some of the best enemy encounters, filled with sheer adrenaline and a unique sense of danger that will haunt you forever.


F.E.A.R. Vivendi

Alma is for sure the scariest little girl you will ever meet in a video game, her presence simply making you feel so uneasy you will find it difficult to even continue playing. Besides these impromptu apparitions, you’ll also have to deal with some of the most skin crawling enemies ever found in a horror game and the fact that they appear exactly when you feel all high and mighty makes them even worse. For sure, F.E.A.R is the game that made many gamers scream in terror in the middle of the night.