10 Most Important GTA 5 Cheats of All Time

Do you ever find yourself bored while strolling through the city of Los Santos? Do you sometimes feel weak in comparison with the 5 star military troupe that was just sent your way? Or do you just want to have more fun? Well, you have come to the right place, because we’re going to list the 10 most important GTA 5 Single Player Cheats that you can use to quench your thirst. To activate the cheats, just follow the codes on the screen. If you are on a PC, dialing the code into your character’s phone after 1-999 is what you need to do.

Max Health and Armor

We start with something simple and not very game-changing at number 10, the ability to refresh your health and armor to 100%. Sometimes you will be down on luck and you’ll find yourself running away from a fight with 10% health, but with this cheat you can keep on fighting.

Wanted Level Down

Why can’t I kill people in peace!? Why does the police have to get involved!? Well, if it’s mayhem you are looking for and you don’t want to deal with those pesky cops, just get rid of your wanted level. It’s as easy as that.

Super Jump

Sometimes you really want to get on the freeway, but that damn thing is too high. You could go around or find some stairs, but this is a top 10 cheats video, so why do that. Just jump. You can do it, and it is guaranteed to also offer you some funny moments.

Fast Swim

Sea exploration is pretty fun in GTA 5, but sometimes you’ll find yourself in the water without any boat. If you don’t want to wait 10 hours for your character to swim like a normal human being, activate this cheat and be the Los Santos Nemo … or Jaws, you choice.

Fast Run

This one, together with the last one is the triathlon participant’s dream. Not only will you absolutely win every race, regardless of how un-athletic your character is, but it’s also a useful tool to get away from the police or to quickly run after a car that you really want to steal.

Spawn Rapid GT

Speaking about cars that you want to steal, why bother? Get yourself one of these classy and relatively fast Rapid GTs with a simple cheat code. ‘Cause if there’s something that will surely impress the ladies, it’s definitely spawning a car out of thin air.

Spawn Buzzard

Let’s say you like the idea of spawning vehicles and you want something with a little more bang for your buck. Ah, who am I kidding, you wanna kill people… Well, spawning a military grade helicopter with machine guns and rockets should do the trick. This will also impress the ladies by the way, or so I’m told.

Give Weapons

On the other hand if you want to create carnage without the use of some fancy helicopter, then I suggest getting all the weapons and ammo that you can carry. By the way, how does a GTA character even carry all those weapons? Anyway, with this cheat you will have all the weapons and refreshed ammo that your heart desires.

Bang Bang!

Again, if you find yourself liking the dark side of slaughtering half the population of Los Santos, then why not do it in style. Get yourself one of those new and improved explosive ammunition cheats that will not only create utter devastation, but will also be efficient, as you can kill multiple birds with one explosive bullet.

Before we get to our number one most important GTA 5 Cheat we would like to mention that there is currently no infinite money cheat implemented, however there are many guides online for making money off the stock market, the most common one is reloading the save if you’ve made a bad investment and then repeat investing and re-loading until you are filthy rich. Also various glitches were found across multiple patches that allows the players to quickly farm a huge amount of money, including the popular Cash Exploit which involves swimming to the ocean floor near the sunken airplane, grabbing the cash that is there then switching back and forth between characters to refresh the cash drop. So if it’s fame and fortune you are after, there’s a solution to your cravings even without any actual cheats.


Ah, the old classic… Present in almost every game out there that has cheats; and probably the most important and go-to cheat for GTA 5 especially if you are planning on using other cheats that we mentioned earlier. There’s nothing like feeling the ocean breeze on your blood stained face while you charge into the entire military of GTA 5 without any fear of dying. Be warned though: you need to re-enter this cheat after 5 minutes if you plan on continuing your genocide, because it will expire and you may find yourself on the receiving end of… well… death.