10 Most Important Things Video Game Have Taught Us

Videogames are not merely a form of mindless entertainment. They often require logic, problem solving, quick reaction time, and as Bruce Lee would put it: a mind shapeless and formless like water. The difficult challenges we face as gamers can teach us many lessons that actually carry over into real life, if you’re paying enough attention. Therefore, let us discover 10 of the most important things video games have taught us.

1. If you’re facing new challenges, you’re heading in the right direction

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Nobody likes a dull gameplay where nothing ever happens. As a gamer you learn to appreciate the challenges that are thrown at you and you even use them as an in-game indicator that things are going, in fact, well and you are headed where the real action takes place. Exactly like in real life, obstacles should not make us back out from the game, but be an incentive to continue stronger and more willful than before, until we successfully finish the level!

2. Always come prepared

Be it a boss battle, a raid or a mere quest you’re going to start, coming prepared is the rule of thumb in video gaming. This means you’ll have to carefully plan and adjust your character’s stats, armor and spells so as to be an equal if not a better match for the enemies you’re going to face in the intense battle that is to come. A good player is not somebody that goes head first into a fight, but somebody who takes his or her time to thoroughly prepare for what’s to come.

3. Everyone is worth talking to

No matter how insignificant that shady NPC might look to you, it’s always worth starting a conversation because you never know what special quest he or she might give you. And, as we all know, some really good items can be found precisely in those mysterious new areas discovered while completing a silly task given to you by the raggedy peasant that seemed to appear in the game just to add more authenticity to the scenery.

4. The places that are the most difficult to get to have the best rewards

It’s a well-known fact that greatness can only be achieved through sacrifice and video games are here to emphasize this idea every time we find the best rewards in some of the most inaccessible places. Even though at times it might seem like there is no possible way of getting to those pesky mountain tops or remote islands, the moment when we do manage to reach them is usually richly rewarded. Or, as the old proverb says: there is no sweet, without sweat!

5. If you want to make friends faster always give them food

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Especially before going out on a raid, food is extremely important because it gives you and your team some extra health and even special buffs that you can’t do without. So, if you want to make friends faster, try offering them some vital food items and you’ll surely win their hearts and bellies forever. If your in-game profession is a chef, it’s even better since you’ll be able to delight your newly made friends with all kinds of specialties.

6. Don’t hold on to too much unnecessary junk or you’ll fill up your inventory

We know that you like to collect all the items that are dropped after you show your might in battle and manage to kill one enemy after another but emptying your inventory from time to time might also turn up to be a pretty good idea. Getting rid of the unnecessary junk and keeping a clean bag is vital when you start a new quest or level, because only by doing this you’ll be certain that you’ll have enough spare room for the new bounty that is to come.

7. The main story isn’t the end all, be all. Sometimes the best things in life happen in the side quests

In most of the cases you’ll find additional gameplay hidden away behind the main storyline that shapes the hero’s journey. Side quests are often disregarded and not many players decide to give them a try, being too busy completing the main plot. But if we were to pay attention to the little details that make a game whole, we would realize that side quests are an important part of the charm and uniqueness of each story.

8. Never judge someone’s skill based solely on their achievements, you never know how they got them
Because you can never be sure how someone got their achievements, it’s not wise to jump directly to a conclusion and judge their entire life based on the incomplete information you have. Of course this idea can go both ways: a player can seem immensely gifted due to the items that he or she has but in reality it can turn out that they are actually not very good; or the other way around, a player can be actually very skilled but he or she may be lacking in cool gear.

9. Persistence is key, when you finally succeed after failed tries, you feel so much more accomplished
Probably one of the most important things we could learn from a video game is that we should never ever give up, because persistence really is key and we should always keep this important idea in mind. Finally succeeding after failing for a million times makes victory taste so much sweeter, and we can totally relate to this idea especially after struggling to complete a really hard quest and managing come out victorious exactly when we thought everything was lost.

10. If you’ve tried and failed 100 times, you’re probably missing something. Try a different approach!
Seeing things from a new perspective is a truly healthy approach as it gives us the chance to experience life from a totally new angle. Exactly like in a video game level where you don’t seem to find the right method of completing a task until you change something, because after all: Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. So choosing an alternate path may prove to be the best idea you could ever have. As you can see, video games are definitely not just mindless means of entertainment.