10 Improvements Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare Must Have

10. Better Multiplayer Spawn Points

This problem tends to be mainly a CoD issue. The maps are tight and real-estate is at a premium (regarding spawn points, that is). Nothing is as infuriating as being faced with about three enemies immediately after respawning.

better multiplayer spawn points call of duty 2016

Credit: Activision

And during the game, just as things are getting heated, you’ll get killed by that one lucky person who spawned in the right place at the right time. It’s a significant annoyance the developers must fix. In my opinion, it reeks of poor map design, and even though the maps aren’t as spacious as the ones in Battlefield, for instance, the game should still understand and allocate you in the safest position.

But maybe this is how the developers keep the fast-paced flow CoD is known for. Regardless, I hope they fix it.

9. Focus More on a Campaign

Now I’m not saying that it’s only CoD, but recently FPS games don’t give enough attention to the campaign. More people play the online multiplayer and that defines the game, but it can really kill a game without a strong story line. Look at Star Wars: Battlefront (the new one). It was decided there would not be a story and look how that turned out. Not good at all.

call of duty 2016 will have a single player campaign

Credit: Activision

When these games feature a campaign (Blacks Ops 3, in this case), it sometimes makes no sense or isn’t memorable at all. The storyline was longer than usual and it threw me into many reality-bending scenes, but it just didn’t make logical sense.

I mean, the last mission had me destroy a giant heart. CoD, please! It’s like elements of the zombies mode bled into the campaign. What’s next? The fire bow upgrade from Der Eisendrache?

Maybe it was just this once Treyarch misstepped, but either way, it didn’t entice me too much.

8. Better Split Screen Mechanics

Not many games do split screen anymore. Heck, not many even have LAN focused features anymore. However, COD still does and I feel there’s a bit more they can improve upon.

Firstly, the screen is enclosed in black bars (I’m guessing in an attempt to lower the resolution and reduce lag). But that subtracts from the visuals, which in turn takes away from the overall experience. Don’t lie, you like good graphics.

Call of Duty®: Black Ops III_20151106013020

Credit: Activision

Another problem is that everything seems dumbed down and the frame drop is another issue. However, I can understand this might be a technical problem since the PS4 and Xbox One (because you play CoD on pc?) are technically limited. Maybe I’m just being picky because I have an eye for this thing.

7. A New Engine

call of duty 2016 new gameplay engine

Credit: Activision

Here are the main problems I have with CoD: the graphics, animation style, etc. It feels clunky, isn’t the best thing to look at, and feels like an arcade game (but I did like Advanced Warfare‘s graphics). Since Battlefield is my favorite FPS I may seem biased, but DICE pushed visual fidelity to new heights. With the introduction of environmental destruction in Bad Company 2 with improvement on that in Battlefield 4, and with the latest Battlefield taking graphics to a whole new level, the games simply feel better as the fluid character animation creates a more pleasurable experience.

Keep in mind that this is a war game. And in war, things break. How can you explain to me while all these bullets and explosions are occurring the map still looks like a new pair of shoes? There’s a balance between graphics and gameplay. CoD has one of the highest game play to graphic ratios out there. (CSGO is an exception since the game isn’t modern). Not good. But I’m not saying become The Order: 1886, which is the exact opposite. Something like Battlefield 4 strikes a good balance. Just remember that you also play with your eyes, so why not demand more?

6. Maps with Improved Vertical Maneuvering

call of duty 2016 vertical gameplay

Credit: Activision

Introduced in Advanced Warfare, boost jumps have become common place in CoD. However, with all the emphasis on this new feature there’s minimal reason to actually use it unless you’re trying to run to save your life. The map is already small in the horizontal plane, and vertically you’re blocked off from accessing most roof tops and actually running on walls for more than 10 seconds at a time because the maps are so small.

The map design doesn’t cater for tactical usage of this feature. Disappointing.

5. Better Net Code (Hit Detection) and Lag Compensation

CoD has suffered this problem for years. The game is eager to put anyone into any lobby regardless of their internet connection. As a result, people with poor connections can kill better players because of it.

call of duty 2016 better net code

Credit: Activision

It’s bad on both sides. While someone playing against a “green bar” connection experiences lag, the person with the “red bar” connection feels he just killed that guy even though he didn’t because the network data was fed in at a slower rate to the red bar player.

Hit detection is major and it’s the key thing in any FPS. How annoying is it when you peek around a corner and have your enemy in sights, only to see the bullet fired hit an invisible wall close to the corner? Well, super annoying! Or when you see about five hit markers pop up on your side but you get wiped out with one shot? Major problems that need major fixes.

4. A Bigger Selection of Map Sizes

call of duty 2016 ghosts 2 modern warfare 4 new maps

Credit: Activision

CoD is known for its small to medium map sizes but I know one thing that it lacks: a good large map. Since CoD doesn’t allow for vehicles, I’m referring to one with many tight spots to compensate for unnecessary running through open spaces. We need more maps!

3. Multiplayer Freerun Mode

Recent CoD games feature some bizarre mechanics. However, freerunning isn’t a new concept. CSGO has its own version where you glide instead of run and it’s pretty enjoyable. (Shout-out to Leafy on YouTube). But unlike CSGO, CoD is a modern FPS and online is vital for its operation.

call of duty 2016 free run mode ghosts 2 modern warfare 4

Credit: Activision



Credit: Activision

So if they do include freerun again in the next CoD, they should definitely include a multiplayer aspect. It’ll really make It worth playing even more.


black ops 3 nuketown pre order bonus

Credit: Activision

Sorry for the caps, but this is super annoying. In this day and age, it’s best to wait for the game to actually be complete than get it on the first day. But with pre-order DLC that’s a different game. I don’t mind things like weapon DLC or even map DLC in this case, but it’s a nasty way to exploit the fan base who already pays for everything you dish out. Take Nuketown 2065, for example. It was a pre-order exclusive. Some people just can’t pre-order. Maybe it’s a life reason or they simple don’t want to.

If you’re going to add DLC regardless, at least tell people when you’re going to get the missed pre-order bonus, because almost all developers eventually release it a later date.

1. Unbalanced Weapons and Explosives

unbalanced weapons call of duty

Credit: Activision

If you want to rack up some easy kills you can use pretty much any explosive to kill people. You’d think with all the armor they wear you can protect against at least some of it. With that being said, why not have it so you can upgrade your resistance to these things? And no, don’t tell me to carry a ballistic shield throughout the match.

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