10 stupidly hard videogames that are impossible to beat

I wanna be the guy

“You think your game is difficult?!”, “Well let me just create something that will alter the dictionary’s definition of difficult!”. That must have been exactly what Michael “Kayin” O’Reilly, the creator of this game thought back in 2007. And he created just that, a game that is so difficult, it is perceived as unfair by many players. It doesn’t respect any pre-established rules that previous platformers had set. Many things that you think will be safe will just fall on you and kill you.

At one point, even the Moon falls on you. This game does not follow any reason and if you want to have any chance of beating it, you have to not only memorize the levels, but also come up with a plan to safely dodge one hazard while avoiding countless others. It is a parody game that certainly toys with the concept of difficulty, but it is a game nonetheless, so that’s why it’s making the top of our list.