10 Things Harder in Gaming Than Real Life

Even though real life is way more complex and filled with many more events than what we experience in a video game, there are some things that are harder to do in a virtual environment. Walking, for example, feels natural for a living being but for an animated character it’s pretty hard to look natural while strolling around the city. Besides this, simple tasks such as jumping over obstacles, climbing ladders or having a casual talk can prove to be really challenging chores that we here, in the real world, take for granted.

Staying Drunk

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Unlike in real life, where you stay drunk for quite a long time, in video games the effect passes in a few minutes. Very anti-climactic, to say the least. Yes, we know that a couple of minutes in a video game count for hours in the real life, or something like that, but still, we’d like to feel the alcoholic euphoria for a bit longer. Especially in Grand Theft Auto 5, the endeavor of getting blind drunk and enjoying life in a pure blurry bliss is taken away from you in the blink of an eye.


Even though sometimes we feel beat and think that life is the hardest game to ever be invented, surviving may prove to be easier in our own reality than in a virtual one. The fact that we don’t have to face threats such as gruesome dragons, murderous evil masterminds or devastating zombie infestations makes it way easier to subsist. Life might not be as heroic and as jam-packed of adrenaline filled quests as a video game, but we have to be thankful for its innate safety.

Running out of ammo

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From what we saw in movies and what is also true on the battlefield, after shooting endless rounds you’ll eventually run out of ammo. Not in video games! Here you can spend all your bullets and not worry about finding a new clip, because the mechanic is so forgiving that it grants you infinite ammunition. In some video games it’s downright impossible to remain powerless in front of your enemies, so keep shooting, it’s not very likely that you’ll run out of ammo soon!

Driving like a normal person

Driving like a normal human being is one of the hardest things to accomplish in a video game. First of all, the controls are not usually the friendliest in-game mechanic and you need to concentrate extra hard in order to master them. Second of all, you don’t really have to stick to traffic regulations, so becoming an overenthusiastic driver that crashes into people and buildings is extremely easy. In conclusion, driving in a normal fashion is pretty close to impossible in video games.


Not everyone knows how to swim in real life but in video games it’s even more difficult. Besides the moves that you have to learn once you are underwater, the awkwardness comes from the fact that in some games you literally die when you touch water. In the older installments of Grand Theft Auto, for example, you met certain death every time you happen to fall in water, even though at first it might seem like you might float for a bit.

Keeping your friends alive
You’d do anything for your good friends, take that extra damage in a raid, give them some healing potions and even sacrifice your life for them, but there are situations when you simply cannot keep them alive till the end. Fortunately, in real life you are not as responsible for your friend’s wellbeing and you don’t have to constantly worry for their safety or defend them from all kinds of final bosses that simply want to wipe all of you out.

Climbing ladders
Yet another mechanic that is not very gamer friendly, climbing up, but mainly, down a ladder can be a source of endless frustration. If, in real life, this action comes as a natural thing, in games it is awkwardly difficult to make the right moves so that you don’t look like a weird cockroach that is trying to ascend a wall. Most of the times, you don’t even climb the ladder but rather pull yourself up it, which can look even weirder, if such a thing is even possible.

Walking normally
Besides climbing ladders like a glorified bug, walking like a plastic mannequin is yet another feature found in video games. The movements can look so unnatural it will seem like your character is sort of sliding on the ground, rather than walking like a normal person. But this is not the most awkward thing about taking a stroll, the fact that you seem to be constantly running without having the option of just simply walking at a slow pace is, in fact, the core of unrealistic movements.

Making small talk

In a video game you rarely talk to an NPC about random stuff, most of the times you are in search of a certain item, so very often you’ll find yourself jumping right into the conversation and bluntly ask for directions or clues. Of course, besides the pragmatic side of this aspect, you’re also going to enjoy a fair share of awkward conversations that seem to lead nowhere but it’s necessary to have them if you want to complete your quest.

Falling off cliffs and dying
Death is not permanent in a video game and this is why it’s way harder to get hurt when you fall off tall cliffs or buildings. For those who want to test the limits of their character by plunging into the ether, the odds are looking great, as a fall will most certainly not kill you. Not to say that being so resilient is a bad thing, but it most certainly is not compatible with the reality where the human body is way more vulnerable and frail. And here, we don’t have the option of loading our game if we get badly hurt.