10 Features Everyone Wants in Red Dead Redemption 2

After a series of cryptic social media hints, and then the game trailer finally being released to the public on October 20, Rockstar officially announced that the second installment in the Red Dead Redemption series is going to be out in Fall 2017. We asked you guys what you want to see in this highly anticipated sequel, and received some great suggestions.

We thought a list of Ten of the most prominent ones would be a good start for the yearlong wait we all have to endure.

1. Heists with friends
Since this new title will follow the same western theme, it would be interesting to be able to carry out some heists with your fellow gang members. Rockstar has a history of developing crime-themed games such as Grand Theft Auto, and to include this type of gameplay would really step up the game for the whole franchise. It would also be intriguing to be able to decide the difficulty level of your planned heists and to have your own gang hideouts.