10 Times Developers Actually Listened to Gamers’ Complaints

Feedback is highly important in the realm of video gaming and developers should know firsthand that the community is their direst judge. Lately we saw a major change in the mentality of games creators, becoming more susceptible to players’ suggestions and actually changing the features that were simply not working.

For all those times when developers actually listened to gamer’s complaints, we made a list encompassing 10 of those majestic moments, taking into account your suggestions from Facebook, of course.

Call of Duty – Back to Basics

It seems that the complaints received towards the latest titles in the franchise made the developers rethink their position towards the theme of the games.

If the futuristic style adopted in the past years made the fans feel Call of Duty turned into a product that was not delivering the same qualitative content, the developing team went back to basics and is now creating a World War II inspired title.

Witcher 3 – UI Issues Solved
witcher3 mod

An impressive number of fixes have been applied to the User Interface of Witcher 3. After fans have been commenting about the problems they were facing in game, the development team took it upon themselves to solve the issues and polish all the details via patches.

A more aesthetic skill screen has been added, the inventory became more organized and the map screen received additional markers and filters, and these are just some of the much-needed changes that were included in the patch.