These Are 10 Underwater Games That Will Test Your Survival Skills

The world of the abyssal oceans is equally full of amazing wonders and of untold terrors that both mesmerize and haunt the adventurous divers. Exploration, combat and survival are the elements that usually make an entertaining video game, and our list of underwater titles doesn’t shy away from any of these key features. So, without further ado, let us dive in, pun intended, and find out what are the most engaging and immersive 10 video games that take place under the vast oceans.


Abzu is a peaceful underwater adventure, very much in the same vein as Journey and they both even share the same art director. As you descend into the heart of the ocean you’ll be able to perform fluid acrobatics while swimming with schools of colorful fish that procedurally respond to your communication signals. But besides these paradisiac sceneries and magical encounters, you must be careful of the mysterious menaces that lurk on the bottom of the ocean.

BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea

Burial at Sea, the episodic expansion of BioShock Infinte, takes place in an alternate reality inside the submerged city of Rapture. In this installment of the franchise, Elizabeth is the femme fatale who hires Booker DeWitt for his private detective skills. With a combat more dynamic than its precursors, this first-person shooter allows the players to carry more than two weapons at a time, stepping up the game during both of its component episodes.

Undertow (XBOX 360)

With a gameplay concentrated around conquest-style battles, Undertow presents the conflict between the Iron Marines, an elite group of divers, and an aquatic alien race known as the Elect. After the aliens launch an attack on the polar ice caps, the whole world is flooded, so every battle will now take place underwater. Here, the players can acquire points by killing enemies, completing team goals and capturing the opponent’s base.

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X-COM: Terror From the Deep
The second game of the X-Com series, Terror From the Deep is a strategy title that takes the battle under the deep waters of the ocean where an army of dormant alien sea creatures awakens and threatens the Earth. The human elite forces known as the X-Com are once again assembled by the government and sent to fend off the attacks of the newly awakened underwater enemies.

As the Captain of your submarine you are on the quest to discover humanity’s greatest secrets. Mixing RPG elements with underwater combat, Diluvion takes place in the deep oceans after the Great Flood pushed people into living trapped under a dense layer of unbreakable ice. The nine unique and highly upgradable submarines featured in this game can be continuously enhanced and equipped with torpedoes and cannons, to protect you and your crew from the dangers of the deep.

Song of the Deep
Song of the Deep is a metroidvania style video game where the player controls Merryn, a young girl who builds a crude submarine to search for her father who disappeared while fishing. This two-dimensional side scroller requires the player to discover special improvements for Merryn’s equipment in order to continue the task and surpass certain obstacles. Besides the exploration element, some deep sea enemies can attack the game’s heroine as she tries to solve the puzzles that carry her further into the story.

We Need To Go Deeper
Set in a Jules Verne-inspired universe, We Need To Go Deeper is a 2-to-4 player co-operative rogue like game that places you and your friends in command of a submarine. Coordination is the key element of this title since each of the crew’s members need to complete a certain task or push a specific button in order to steer the submarine in the undersea channel, known as The Living Infinite. We Need To Go Deeper is the ideal game if you like to shout commands at your friends!

Simon Jarrett is the fish out of water protagonist of this science fiction survival horror game that takes place in an underwater remote research facility. Soma uses elements of psychological horror rather than the classical jump scares found in most titles of the genre, the player finding a large number of clues, such as notes and audio tapes, that’ll help him progress through the storyline. The focus is shifted towards puzzle solving and the use of stealth moves to stay hidden from the hostile humanized machinery.

Aquaria features a beautifully designed underwater world where Naija, the game’s heroine, starts her adventure into the depths of the most hidden caves and the fairest oases. An array of 175 unique creatures can be discovered, the player being able to interact and even engage in combat with them. Besides these deep sea wonders, dozens of treasures are waiting to be found and a myriad of powerful items need to be molded with the help of the in-game cooking system.

The player is at liberty to explore the open world of an alien submerged planet by scuba diving and traveling in submersibles, while also being careful to gather enough food and resources in order to subsist. Subnautica is a complex survival video game that, even though it’s still in the early access stage, offers a detailed gameplay that requires the players to plan and build all kinds of structures, items and bases, keeping them busy at all times. Not to mention that the story, although still under development, is progressing nicely and offers players plenty of mysteries to speculate on.