10 Unique Games that Deserve Respect for not Following the Crowd

There are some games that bend the rules and take the gameplay and the story into new and innovative directions. Their uniqueness makes them stand out from the crowd and the developers earned their right to be praised for being so brave as to not follow the trends. Because these video games are so exceptional and offer such an extraordinarily distinctive experience they surely deserve to be put in our list about the 10 most unique game concepts.


portal 24Portal was originally released in a bundle named The Orange Box and it was so good it became an immediate sensation. It has been considered one of the most original games of 2007 despite its short duration and somehow limited story. Its dark humor, unique gameplay and innovative puzzles are some of the traits that make Portal a highly appreciated gaming title, GLaDOS being one of the most easily recognizable characters and voices in the industry. The fact that you’re armed only with a portal gun makes the entire gameplay ever so challenging.