8 Video Game Companies That Went Bankrupt Due To Poor Choices

Every now and then a video game studio has to close its doors. Whether it was due in part to filing for bankruptcy, their parent company deciding to close up shop, or just unfavorable market conditions. Here are 10 video game companies that went defunct due to poor choices.

8. Lionhead Studios

Image: Fangirl the Magazine

Founded in 1996, Lionhead Studios was best known for creating Black and White as well the Fable series. Before being acquired by Microsoft in 2012, Lionhead released Black and White 2The Movies, and Fable: The Lost Chapters. Despite these games receiving good reviews, they did not meet the studio’s sale goals.

It would not be until last year when the final nail in the developer’s coffin was placed. After spending $75 million on a project “no one wanted to work on,” Microsoft pulled the plug and canceled, with Microsoft proposing they close down Lionhead. On April 29th, 2016 almost 20 years, Lionhead Studios closed its doors.

7. THQ

Known for creating Dawn of WarMX vs. ATV, and Saints Row

THQ was a household name for many years. However, THQ’s downfall began as early as February 2010 when the company began experiencing financial difficulties and spending money on products that didn’t quite hit success, such as the $70 gaming add-on, uDraw Game Tablet, as well as the release of the rather disappointing first-person shooter, Homefront, and Red Faction: Armageddon. THQ would officially close down in 2013.

6. Artoon

Image: Wikimedia Commons

A Japanese game studio established in 1999, Artoon is best known as the developers of Yoshi’s Island DSBlinx the Time Sweeper, and Blue Dragon. Despite those games being good titles in your library, unfortunately, Artoon did not hit much success, it doesn’t help the fact that their parent company, AQ Interactive filed for bankruptcy in 2010.