10 Videogames That Insults You For Playing On Easy Mode

Great Games That Start Out Really Awful

Every game has an easy mode for less experienced players. But some of the games have easy modes that are too easy. It’s just a shame to play those games on such a low difficulty level.

And the developers tend to think the same and hence there are actually games which makes fun of you if you do indeed opt for such an overly easy and boring experience with so challenge whatsoever. Filthy casuals, in other words, get no respect.

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Let’s take a look –

Ninja Gaiden Black


The Ninja Gaiden games are actually very difficult. The players always complained about the unforgiving difficulty level that the games posed.

Creator Tomonobu Itagaki later decided to re-release the game and make it much simpler by introducing an easy mode The new game named Ninja Gaiden Black came up with two versions – Master Ninja Mode, which was very difficult and the Ninja Dog mode which was too easy and funny. The name of the difficulty sums it all up doesn’t it?

Mickey Mouse: Castle of Illusion


The ‘Practice’ mode in Mickey Mouse: Castle of Illusion is a joke. In the whole mode you get to fight only three bosses on individual levels. You don’t even need to fight the main boss to rescue Minnie, you just need to walk past him.

The developers knew you were not the guy (or girl) who likes challenges so they provided a dumbed down experience which even two years old won’t have issues completing.