10 Videogames That Let You Steal Anything You Want

Organizing heists, robbing banks and stealing things from people are actions that can make you seem like a bad person, but when it comes to certain video games these are precisely the actions that you are rewarded for. In some of the cases you need to go by the script and complete the missions you are given, but sometimes you are also given the chance to make your own stealing agenda. Today we are taking a look at the most original gaming titles that allow us to make our inventory a little wealthier with someone else’s items!

Grand Theft Auto V

Credit: Rockstar

GTA V is famous for its in-game quests that require players to partake in various heists that need careful preparation. But besides these “official” missions you receive, there are also various means through which one can get his or her hands on other people’s cars, for example. After carjacking someone, you need to be careful not to cause traffic accidents that can catch the Police’s attention, laying low until you get the car in your own garage being advisable. But, of course, you can always dream bigger and steal a bus, or even a policeman’s car!

The Witcher 3

In The Witcher 3 you can steal all the items you encounter during a quest or while roaming freely through this action role playing game’s vast open world. It would be advisable not to steal right while you’re in front of the guards or in plain sight but there are no dire consequences if you are caught in the act. So, it seems that The Wicther 3 really is the ideal game where you can grab almost any item that caught your interest and pretty much get away with it.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Throughout the third, fourth and fifth installments of The Elder Scrolls series, Stealing is a skill that involves the use of stealth moves. Sneaking, Lockpicking and Pickpocketing are also abilities that need to be mastered in order to allow the player to perform a successful robbery. If someone is witnessed stealing an item, a bounty might be placed on their head and all the armed observers will immediately become hostile towards the perpetrator, so, as you can see, stealth is key when you want to steal some items.

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Final Fantasy series
Steal, also known as Sneak, is an ability that allows players to get their hands on opponents’ items. This skill is primarily used by the Thief class and it appears in most of the Final Fantasy titles since Final Fantasy III. Steal also has an upgrade named Mug that deals damage and steals in the same turn, proving to be very useful in most battles. Depending on the installment of the series you are playing, Steal can be employed through various means and formulas, but the effect is pretty much the same in all cases.

Monaco: What’s Yours Is Mine
Monaco is a stealth action video game that is best enjoyed with friends, its gameplay being highly cooperative and requiring quite a team effort to complete all of the missions. Up to four players can control one of the eight available characters, each with their own individual traits and abilities, while planning and performing a series of heists and robberies. Taking place in all kinds of exotic locations such as yachts, night clubs or luxurious mansions, Monaco: What’s Yours Is Mine offers hours of adrenaline filled entertainment.

To be able to take on thievery in Fable, you’ll need to increase your “guile”, a trait that allows you to move unnoticed by guards. The mechanic of stealing is extremely simple, all you need to do is walk up to the item you wish to take and wait for the robber icon to appear in the quick menu. However if someone happens to catch you red handed, the whole attempt will be considered failed. To avoid being seen, you can use the lock picking ability and operate during night time when you can steal pretty much any item you wish right from under the NPCs noses.

Thief Series
Garett is a master thief who goes by his usual business stealing from the rich and giving to himself in a Steampunk inspired world named The City. Even though the games of the Thief series were created with the idea of stealth gameplay in mind, the missions can also be approached with a more lethal method. Praised for its innovative mechanics and the use of sound effects as an integral part of the gameplay, Thief is definitely a title that makes you feel as the most mysterious robber in the world.

Mafia 1
In this open world action-adventure video game set during the 1930s in the fictional American city of Lost Heaven, the player controls the character of Thomas Angelo, a fictional Mafioso. Throughout the game, there are situations that imply stealing vehicles, diamonds and all kinds of items in order to successfully complete the missions you are given. Each quest has a unique title and a specific modus operandi, the player needing to follow a series of instructions in order to successfully perform the heists.

PayDay 2
A new gang comes to Washington D.C. to embark into another heisting spree. In this cooperative first-person shooter, the player takes control of one of the gang’s seventeen members and proceeds with robbing banks, stealing prototypes and explosives and pretty much doing all the illegal things you can imagine. PayDay 2 is different from the previous title of the series by allowing much more customization of your in-game character, introducing better stealth mechanics and more variety throughout its levels.

Saints Row Series
In many of the Saints Row gaming titles, players are free to perform all kinds of illicit activities such as mugging people, robbing stores and stealing cars. For example, the mugging is an activity that can be accomplished once you aim a gun at a civilian, who will drop the cash he or she has on them and then run away. Similarly, a Hold Up takes place when the player threatens a store clerk with a gun, this action resulting in the opening of the store’s safe.