10 Ways Gamers are Different From Most People

Everybody knows that gamers are a privileged group of people who can play for tens of hours without getting tired, hungry or bored. Gifted with extraordinary reflexes, a logical mind and a strategic thinking, people who play video games are known to be different than the majority of normal folks and after some extensive research, we managed to put together ten of the most interesting traits that are exclusive to gamers.

Gamers have better reflexes

As members of a select community, we, gamers, have better reflexes that most other people due to the countless hours we spend jumping, running, aiming and shooting. Besides this unique trait, people who play video games are able to track multiple objects, think a lot quicker and definitely work better as a team, so all in all, they make up the perfect human specimen. Gaming is not only a pointless hobby, but it’s a life style that makes us exercise our mind and even our body, every day!

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