10 Weird Things About LeafyIsHere You Probably Didn’t Know

With a subscriber base of 4,750,000+ fans, the reptilian overlord himself LeafyIsHere is one of YouTube’s most popular rising stars. Even though he is a mysterious character and not many things are known about his personal life, in this video we’ll try to uncover some of the facts that seem to shape his online identity. It’s said that if his channel follows the same growth trend, it’s likely to surpass even PewDiePie’s number of subscribers in a matter of 2 or 3 years from now.


1. His real name is Calvin Vail/Marquez
The YouTube Wikipedia page dedicated to LeafyIsHere tells us that the youtuber’s real name is Calvin Vail. Aside from this we don’t know many other important facts about him. Anyway, On his personal Facebook page his name is listed as Calvin Marquez. On a side note, Calvin supposedly lives in Layton, Utah, even though in a more recent video of his he states that he is in Seattle.

Please watch the video for the rest: