10 Weirdest Examples of Video Game Physics That Don’t Make any Sense

Modern games have some amazing examples of physics that can make them feel incredibly realistic and immersive. And then there’s these…

10. NBA 2K15 – Did Someone Say My Name?


When you’re late for your own interview and it’s already started without you, or you catch a whiff of a delicious smelling microphone… But using these moves in-game would just be unfair.



Not the most gracious winner, but at least the goalie won’t have to beat himself up over it. You can tell that this isn’t realistic because in real life, the goal would have fallen over LONG before the punch landed.

8. GTA V – Stop Hitting Yourself


I’m going to stand here swinging a bat that’s attached to my construction hat, if YOU get in my personal space and get hit with it, it’s YOUR fault. I warned you fair and square. Now I’m going to walk towards you, if you don’t get out of the way, that’s YOUR fault!

7. Skyrim – Alternate Beginning


“Hey, you know what? I haven’t played Skyrim for a while, maybe it’s time to start a new game… I’m sure that they will have all the bugs patched by now…” The intro can be a little slow after you’ve seen it and you’re’ eager to get into the game, but seeing everything go completly crazy can help pass the time more quickly.

6. Bridge Constructor – Just Take the W


You know what? It’s not right, but you earned this win, just take the W and get outta here. This game is based around the laws of psychics, but all good laws were meant to be broken, right?

5. Mafia III – Trick Mirror


When life imitates horror movies, you’ve got to shoot first and ask questions later. You don’t have to wait for your reflection to turn around, if you start shooting the moment the mirror starts getting screwey, nobody is going to hold it against you.

4. Wii Sports – Intense Competition


Neither one of these guys want to give up an inch in this rally.

3. Will It Blend? GTA V Edition


They’ve blended footballs, cellphones, and anything else you could imagine in those blender commercials, but they never quite made the next logical step, which is obviously to blend up huge pile of people with the blades of a helicopter. Y’know… for science.

2. GTA V – Can 100 People Stop 1 Plane?

A modern day version of David vs Goliath, except there’s 100 David’s and Goliath explodes upon impact and only wipes out about 25% of the Davids. Let this be a lesson… if you’re ever tasked with standing in front of a plane on the runway in a big group of people, it’s possible to survive, just make sure you grab a spot near the back row.

1. The Division – Get Me Out of Here

The technology for ejection seats has come a long way in recent years, further adding to the realism of this game. Back in the day, they used to just shoot you up into the air and you would have to parachute down, and find your way back to safety from wherever you landed. Nowadays, they’ll drop you off right at your front door.