10 worst videogames that got unfairly good reviews

We’ve all been disappointed at some time in our lives. I was disappointed when I found out my parents were Santa Claus, the first time I had sex, and after I played 2 hours of No Man’s Sky. All of these things have one common factor, everyone hyped them up for me, then they ended up hitting way below the mark.

Just like these 10 games that got great reviews but ended up being trash. Ok that might be a little harsh, but they certainly aren’t as fantastic as the reviews gave them credit for.

Watch Dogs

Credit: Ubisoft

Watch Dogs takes the first spot on this list for reasons most are familiar with. This game had one of the coolest concepts the gaming world has ever seen; as protagonist Aiden Pierce, you were supposed to have the ability to hack anything and everything at the push of a button.

The trailers and demos all made the game look absolutely incredible. Critics loved it. However, in reality, the game was utter garbage. Controls were clunky, gameplay was repetitive, bugs were present and prevalent, and Aiden Pierce ended up being one of the most boring protagonists of all time. Thankfully, the still somewhat mediocre Watch Dogs 2 was a vast improvement.