10 worst videogames that got unfairly good reviews

Pokémon Black and White

I love Pokémon. I have no shame about it. However, despite my love for the series, I hated this game. Here’s the thing- Pokémon has been and always will be an excellent concept and series. Black and White were just rock bottom for the Pokémon company. The game was plagued by mediocre storytelling, terrible Pokémon design, and a very, very uninteresting new region.

In fact, you can tell just how bad the game was simply by looking at the Pokémon game timeline; only the most popular games get remakes (Red, Silver, Sapphire) and the others don’t get any. All of the remakes come after quite an amount of time. That is, except for the only direct sequels in Pokémon history. Black and White 2. Nintendo thought their own game was such a flop that they decided to try to fix it by immediately putting out a new version of the same game. It didn’t really work, but Black and White 2 were definitely better than their predecessors.