10 worst videogames that got unfairly good reviews

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Credit: Infinity Ward

Words can’t describe how excited I was when I got this game for Christmas. It was the first time the magic of the season was back ever since my older cousin ruined Santa Claus for me. However, ONCE AGAIN, I was disappointed.

Modern Warfare 3 was the game that marked the slow and steady decline of Call of Duty after the release of their magnum opus, Modern Warfare 2. The story, gameplay, and multiplayer of Modern Warfare 2 still stand as the gold standard for FPS games, even almost 8 years after its release. Unfortunately for Modern Warfare 3, it didn’t even come close to matching the greatness of its predecessor. Shorter, less varied campaign, decent gameplay, and a multiplayer experience that was miles short of Modern Warfare 2’s made this title a huge disappointment.