11 year old kid used Dragon Ball Z to survive near fatal bee attack

An 11 year old boy named Andrew Kunz survived a horrific bee attack by channeling Vegeta. Andrew was finally admitted to intensive care after being stung by 400 bees.

Gila Valley Central reported that Andrew and a couple of his friends were shooting BB guns at an old car. They  had no idea that the car was the residence of a colony of bees. Not just regular old honey bees, but those really intense ones that are out for blood. The bees were definitely not pleased with the sound of the pellets making contact with their home, and they started attacking the poor kid.

It was reported that Andrew used the Full Force Power, a power-up from DBZ where in the Saiyan characters channel their inner energy to endure extreme pain and become more powerful, Dragon Ball Z during the attack. What would you do if a swarm of killer bees were coming right at you? Short of managing to snipe each one of them with BB’s, your only other option is to go Super Saiyan, right?

After the incident, Andrew told a reporter, “I’m Andrew, but you can call me Vegeta.”

He is definitely no less than Vegeta after surviving such a ferocious attack and he is currently on his way to recovery.

This kid is a badass, and we’re wishing him a speedy recovery. The bees were lucky he let them off easy.