12 Videogame bosses you can’t beat no matter what you do

We all had those video game experiences where we threw or controller, screamed, swore and maybe sobbed a bit. Here are some of the most range inducing top hardest video game bosses ever that popped more than a few blood vessels.

12. Punch Out – Mike Tyson

Starting off this list is the one and only Mike Tyson from Punch Out.

Back in the day when you wanted to a boxing game, Punch Out was the number one go to title for the NES. Though to claim ultimate victory meant beating Mike Tyson, let’s be honest, most of us just gave up at that point.

Mike Tyson was a massive wrecking machine with unstoppable power and blows that would knock your character out in record speeds.

11. Splatterhouse II – The Ultimate Evil

What can be considered old games today, the era that made up video games for NES and Sega often meant extreme difficulty. With games having to be shorter than what we’re use to playing today, developers ensured to make a challenging title that will keep you busy.

Splatterhouse II was one of these games but when it came to The Ultimate Evil boss, it’s pretty much game over. The Ultimate Evil was a monster formed with different heads and tentacles. You can expect some cheap shots from this beast as well since it goes off screen at times and fires at you making it near impossible to avoid attacks.