17 year old Overwatch pro is so good that she’s forced to prove she isn’t cheating

Image: youtube.com

Overwatch has become one of Blizzard’s most successful games with more than 10 million active players currently, and it’s still growing. The game was released on May 24 and within a month we have seen some incredibly skillful players.


However, a 17 year old Korean girl named Gegury is currently in the news because of her awesome Overwatch skills. She has been able to keep a lot of Overwatch pro players at bay with her great abilities. She can be seen dominating her opponents in the video below.

According to a Reddit user named Calycae, Gegury turned out to be so good during her team’s win in the Nexus Cup qualifiers that the opposition suspected her of hacking and reported the incident to Blizzard Korea.

After the reporting, Blizzard Korea carried out an investigation along with a live demonstration and cleared Gegury of hacking suspicion.

Image: Overwatch

Image: Overwatch

PCGamesN even reported that some pro players who accused Gegury had quit the game after they were proven wrong. The report also added that Gegury has received death threats due to her Overwatch abilities.


Overwatch has turned into a very competitive game with a lot of serious professional players involved in it. We hope that all the players play the game fairly and those who do don’t have to suffer harassment from peers for being superior.