20 New Grand Theft Auto V screenshots

Recently Rockstar  released  a brand  new trailer featuring  three main heroes who’ll be playable in-game – Franklin, Michael and Trevor.

Today, they’ve released 20 brand new screenshots of Grand Theft Auto V.

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GTA 5 will be released on PS3 on September 17.

RSG_GTAV_Screenshot_109 RSG_GTAV_Screenshot_102 RSG_GTAV_Screenshot_144 RSG_GTAV_Screenshot_151 RSG_GTAV_Screenshot_156 RSG_GTAV_Screenshot_161 RSG_GTAV_Screenshot_169 RSG_GTAV_Screenshot_178 RSG_GTAV_Screenshot_199 RSG_GTAV_Screenshot_200 RSG_GTAV_Screenshot_201 RSG_GTAV_Screenshot_202 RSG_GTAV_Screenshot_203 RSG_GTAV_Screenshot_204 RSG_GTAV_Screenshot_205 RSG_GTAV_Screenshot_206 RSG_GTAV_Screenshot_207 RSG_GTAV_Screenshot_208 RSG_GTAV_Screenshot_209 RSG_GTAV_Screenshot_092