Here are the 287 Videogame Developers That Might Leave The Country Over Trump

A large number of game developers came together to urge gamers residing in the United States to cast their valuable vote for electing Hillary Clinton as POTUS.

Much to their dismay, that didn’t help as Donald Trump defeated her, and now after experiencing such a crushing defeat, this potentially leaves development work of many games in limbo.


255 developers signed and wrote a letter urging fans to do the same earlier this week:

The number increased further to 287 as more developers from popular games such as Red Dead Redemption 2 chimed in and joined the movement urging voters to cast their vote in favor of Hillary Clinton.

Here’s a quote from the letter that really seems like a desperate appeal:

Hillary Clinton is the aunt who bought you your first box of Dungeons & Dragons because she heard it promoted literacy and problem solving skills. She’d rather be a healer, but she’ll be the tank when she needs to. She knows that characters of any race or gender should qualify equally for any class, without level limits or ability score penalties. She counts the pieces before you start assembling the jigsaw puzzle. She settled Catan before anyone else thought it was a good idea. She likes co-op games because she knows we’re stronger together.

History doesn’t favor these statements though as Hillary Clinton has condemned videogames on more than one occasion, and even tried to bring in legislature restricting them over a relatively minor issue back in the early 2000s.

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Trump doesn’t fare much better either as he claimed video games were creating monsters back in 2012.