30 Years After the First Legend of Zelda Game, Miyamoto Finally Reveals Link’s Full Name

Link has always been a mysterious character. The young man in green has been the protagonist of the series for 30 years now, and we know very little about him.

Now, Miyamoto has broken the silence: he has shared the real name of this Legend of Zelda protagonist. Any guesses?

Credit: Nintendo

His full name is…


…Link Link.

Credit: Nintendo

That’s right. Link Link.

It’s unclear if Miyamoto is joking, as this statement may be a jab at the terrible Mario Bros. live action movies (in which it’s revealed that Mario and Luigi’s last name is Mario). However, if Miyamoto is indeed telling the truth, it’s only one of many, many questions surrounding Link that has been answered.

Credit: NIntendo

In the interview, Miyamoto went on to talk about Breath of the Wild, and he revealed some new details. He confirmed that, once again, Link won’t be a speaking protagonist.

He and the rest of the team want the player to feel like they are Link, so keeping him mostly silent will help keep the illusion alive.

In addition to the statements above, Miyamoto also revealed that Link is not human, even though Hyrule (where the game takes place) is on Earth. Even though we’ve just been told Link’s full name, more questions are popping up left and right.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be released for Switch and Wii U on March 3rd (the same date as the release of the Switch).