4 hidden secrets you never noticed in the Deadpool 2 teaser

The Deadpool 2 teaser just dropped and it looks all kinds of awesome. Keep in mind, it’s just an announcement for the movie and the footage might not be part of the actual sequel.

However, this teaser still managed to pack in a lot of hidden secrets and pop culture references, which are easy to miss the first time you watch it (or if you’re not paying attention.)

We’re going to show you four of the best ones below…

4. Taking a dig at Superman

The teaser continuously takes digs at Superman and his movies throughout. First, you’ll notice a poster with the words “Hope” on the telephone booth, and the same words can also be noticed on a wall. What’s more, Superman’s theme starts playing in the background as Wade decides to change into his costume.

3. Hints at a possible alliance

The teaser also hints at another superhero and X-Men member making an appearance in the sequel to Deadpool. He’s none other than Nathan Summers, son of Scott Summers, a.k.a Cyclops. Nathan may be seen helping Deadpool fight off his alter ego Cable in the movie. He could be played by David Harbour, whose name appears in the description of the video.