4 Horrible Things We’ve All Done In Fallout

Sold Bryan Wilks


via Bethesda

This one is pretty bad. In Fallout 3, you come across a little boy named Bryan Wilks. You can usually find him wondering around Super Duper Mart and the surrounding area. Bryan tells you a story of his town, and how there’s fire breathing ants that killed everyone. He asks you to find his parents and help him get home safely.

So you head down to the town, only to discover the fire breathing ants are indeed real, and have devastated the place. Killing them off and doing a search, you eventually find Bryan’s parents dead in their home. You go and tell poor Bryan, to which he doesn’t take the news well. He starts panicking and begs you to help him.


Here’s where it gets interesting. Bryan tells you about his Aunt in Rivet City. You tell him you’re going to go there and make sure it’s safe, and that she’ll take him in. However, you may make a stop at Paradise Falls, which is a slaving camp. They take all sorts of people in as slaves, and you can take home a decent penny if you choose to sell Bryan into slavery.