4 Reasons Fallout 4 VR Might Be The Best Idea Ever

Last week at Bethesda’s E3 conference, they announced that in 2017, Fallout 4 will be re-released, this time with VR capabilities. Pretty exciting for Fallout fans and Bethesda fans in general, and honestly it sounds like a great idea.

Pete Hines, VP of public relations for Bethesda, said that he feels Bethesda Game Studio styled games Fallout and Elder Scrolls are perfect for VR. They provide a vast open world and incredibly atmospheric environments, coupled with the freedom to go where you want, when you want. Let’s get into why he may just be right.

Here are four of the reasons why Fallout 4 in VR will be the best.

Getting to finally meet Dogmeat


via Bethesda

Dogmeat was in the original Fallout games, as well as carried over to Fallout 3 and Fallout 4. Dogmeat isn’t a persistent character in the games as his breed has changed, but he’s more of the idea behind the perfect wasteland scenario for most: a man and man’s best friend.

So for years, we’ve traveled with Dogmeat, but have never been able to truly feel like he’s there. Fallout 4 VR will give us that chance, and bring our furry, invincible friend, to life… well.. about as close as you’re gonna get at least.

Staring a Deathclaw in the eyes


via Bethesda

Now on the opposite side of things, Deathclaws represent the dark side of the wasteland. They’re big, strong, and if they get too close, well you better hope you’re in some nice power armor. They’ve been the bane of many Fallout players lives for some time now.

But imagine getting to stare one directly in the eyes. Fallout 4 added some nice animations that occur when dealing with Deathclaws. One involved the creature lifting you off the ground and screaming in your face before impaling you with his claw. Having that happen in VR would be incredible, and I can’t wait.

Exploring the Wasteland first hand


via Bethesda

My favorite part of any Fallout game is the open world. The crazy locations, people, and atmosphere is the real draw to the series for me. Having already explored much of Fallout 4‘s wasteland, I was a bit sad realizing that experience had run its course.

However, with Fallout 4 VR, I feel the experience of exploring the wasteland’s nooks and crannies will be revitalized. I imagine it’s going to feel very fresh and I can’t wait to give it a shot.

Getting to see nuclear explosions, without the side effects


via Bethesda

So in the beginning of the game, you become aware that the United States is under attack from nuclear missiles. You rush to Vault 111, and upon arriving, you get to see a beautiful, albeit incredibly deadly and dangerous nuclear explosion go off in the distance.

Add a VR headset into the mix, and this cut scene is going to be absolutely incredible to watch. If the immersion is good enough, don’t be too nervous if you subconsciously can feel the heat of the bomb in the distance, and subsequent shockwave. That’s just all the better.