5 Aurelion Sols – Flight of the Valkyries!

Reddit is no stranger to creative minds and brilliant ideas, despite its the occasional drama and some overly critical users. Jado1stk (Reddit user) had the clever request for someone to create a video using Aurelion Sols from League of Legends forming a V shape in movement, all while playing Wagner’s Flight of the Valkyries in the background.

via reddit

via reddit

Lucky for us, someone took it upon themselves to make this request happen. We can all thank Vandirilol (Reddit user) for this gem, and apparently he came highly recommended for the job. Any gamer is sure to get a kick out of this, whether you’re a League of Legends player or not. Check out the video below and witness the classical masterpiece come to life. You will definitely want to turn up your volume for this.

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You can check out the original Reddit thread here.