The 5 Most Elaborate Fallout 4 Settlements Ever Created

At E3 this year, new additions for the Fallout 4 game were announced. The DLC included various contraptions such as elevators, armor and weapon racks. Track kits are available so that you can build your very own rollercoaster, and conveyor belts have been implemented so that you can sort your items. Bethesda will also be adding new mechanics from the Fallout Shelter iOS game directly into Fallout 4. But before these features get implemented, let us take a look at a few amazing settlements that players have already built.

The first one we have here is called the Finch Farm Fortress, by CursingWithCurtis and it has quite a few interesting areas. Besides the authentic Fallout feel that the author managed to preserve, we are greeted with various guard posts and even a sniper tower right in the middle. The rest of the build includes a bar that is filled with trophies and even a jail area where wrongdoers can be placed to cool off. There are also beds and other rooms that just seem to mix in well with the whole theme.

The next base that probably took an eternity to get built is that of JihwoanAhn, stationed at the Kingsport Lighthouse. What I like most about this built is the fact that he managed to integrate everything within a circular architecture. And it looks so natural; there is no wasted space and it doesn’t feel more cramped than it should be. It includes a shop area, a class room, a shooting range, various living quarters, bathrooms and many more… These accommodations are spread around multiple floors and the sheer thought that went into the interior design make you think that you could actually live there in real life.

This following build belongs to kop24406, called the Oversea Bridge. It is one of those impressive builds that has a type of role playing vibe to it. I like to image it as being a restaurant in the middle of the wasteland, where rich individuals can still enjoy a meal, despite the post-apocalyptic surroundings. As you go up the floors of this restaurant, each one seems to be catered towards richer customers with more sophisticated tastes. And of course, all of them, have a spectacular view of the wasteland.

This build, by OPS Specialist highlights the great atmosphere you can achieve with really good lighting placement. And he sure did use a lot of lights. This is an enclosed settlement featuring a shared living environment for all the settlers and a nice big fountain with some plants as a centerpiece. The whole build feels spacious and well thought out, with everything being symmetrical and ultimately useful for a poor survivor looking for a shelter to live in.

And the crown jewel for today is The Treehouse Town built by Papa Papa Gaming and like our number 2 entry, lighting plays a big role in this build too. You can see the special atmosphere that it has at nighttime and you can also see how well it is integrated into the landscape. Both the exterior and the interior look gorgeous, with every item looking like it belongs there. Besides the shops and the living areas, this build really embraces the nightlife, with a Café, a Motel and various social areas where you can find a chair, sit down with your beer and just relax.