5 gaming myths nobody believed that turned out to be true

Video games have always been a medium for all kinds of rumors, from the cheat code that made Lara Croft nude to the story of the killer game (I mean this literally), Polybius.

During a pre-Internet time, you never knew what to believe. With so many rumors floating around, you had to think to yourself, were any of these true? Well, a handful are and I’m here to tell you about them

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And sorry, the Lara Croft nude code one isn’t true.

5. Super Mario Bros. 3 was a stage performance


Image: Nintendo

For a while now, fans noticed the world of Super Mario Bros. 3 is slightly off. With the letters casting shadows and various parts of the level seemingly bolted on, one would begin to question the true meaning behind the game.

In a move that helps verify fan theories, Shigeru Miyamoto confirmed the game is a stage show in a  video game interview. He didn’t comment on it too much, but gave an assuring nod that Super Mario Bros. 3 is indeed a stage performance.