5 Reasons You Need to Buy Battlefield 1

After tons of anticipation, Battlefield 1 is upon us. If you’re here reading this right now, that means you aren’t playing Battlefield 1 and that’s just a huge error in judgement. No offense, you’re not a lost cause, it’s only been about a month. None the less, here are just a few of the many reasons to check out this title.

5. There aren’t a lot of INCREDIBLE World War 1 FPS games

There’s a bit of a stigma surrounding WW1 games, in the FPS genre in particular. Some of the earlier ones weren’t all that well received, so devs have been too gun shy to take another stab at it. Since this is something you haven’t already played through 50 times like WW2, the subject and the history all feels a bit fresher. If you want more of a variety in your FPS games, you’ve got to speak with your wallet.

4. Find out which of your friends aren’t morons


image: in-game

It’s not like you need a degree in rocket surgery to kick butt at Battlefield 1, but if you’re the type of FPS player that likes to mindlessly run and gun, your team isn’t going to be super fond of you. If you suspect one of your friends might crack under pressure and go rogue, here’s a good way to put them to the test, just in case you’re ever in a chaotic real-life situation like trying to grab some cheap games on black Friday, counting on your buddy to have your back as you brave the hoardes of mouth-breathing shoppers who are trying to save 20 cents on toilet paper (In their defense, paying full price is just flushing money down the toilet, right?)

3. They’ve really raised the bar in realism

image: dice/ea

image: dice/ea

Short of catching gangrene, this is about as realistic as you’re going to get from a game. From dynamic weather conditions that’ll have an impact on your strategy, to intuitive destruction ensuring no two battles are ever the same, they really went all-in on this title.

2. Amazing close quarter combat gameplay

From miles away, to an enemy who is standing on the other side of a door waiting for your melee attack, BF1 has done a great job balancing all of their weapons. What really stands out above the rest is

1. The gameplay is amazing, the graphics are STUNNING

We didn’t want to just go on about how amazing the graphics were without re-enforcing how incredible the gameplay is, too. This game looks like an absolute gem, especially maxed-out on a high-end PC, but across the board it’s a stunner. This game plays like a dream, and every time you open it, it feels like you’re finding something new to be impressed with.

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