5 Reasons You Need To Buy Titanfall 2

If you’ve played the first Titanfall game, that’s really the only reason that you need to check out Titanfall 2, but if you’re still on the fence,

5. Incredible reviews

Reviews can’t account for your own personal taste, but they can definitely paint a picture as to whether a game’s quality or not, and Titanfall 2 is definitely a super high quality game that’s incredibly fun to play. In layman’s terms, you’re riding around in giant robots and fighting through cities. Need I say more? Titanfall 2 received plenty of 9/10 and 10/10 scores, and usually sits at a 90 on Metacritic.

4. Respawn cares about you

image: youtube.com

image: youtube.com

There’s no season pass, or expensive DLC to buy, or any of that. You buy the game, you’re fully supported. They’ve got your back. There’s been so much criticism of all the ridiculous paid DLC antics that publishers have gotten up to over the past few years, that it’s worth rewarding the ones who put their players first.

3. Amazing multiplayer

Titanfall 2 has upped the bar set by the first game in the franchise. They’ve added enough that it feels fresh, but still holds onto the core mechanics and gameplay that make Titanfall so fun to begin with. Everything feels a lot more balanced, they really took what they learned from the first game and stepped it up.

2. Strong campaign mode

image: origin.com

image: origin.com

Sometimes it’s hard to connect with a new IP if you’re just playing multiplayer. For the first Titanfall game, Respawn focused entirely on the multiplayer and making it amazing. This time around, they have already proven their concept, so they were able to invest more in a campaign that’ll draw you in a lot more, it’ll make you care a lot more about the pilots and the AI in their titans.

1. New Titans

They were not playing around when it came to new and interesting Titans for the sequel. They were going to have to up the bar to impress people, and they certainly did. New weapons, new Titans, tons of new levels and areas to fight, Titanfall 2 has everything you’d hope for from a top-tier sequel and it’s a must-own.

If you’re into awesome, huge, blockbuster AAA titles, this is not one that you’ll want to miss.

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