5 Skyrim Mods that would get the Game Banned if they were Launched as DLC

The Skyrim mods community is an interesting one. Modders have been given the tools to create anything their imagination can come up with.

This has resulted in a huge library of excellent free content, but it’s also brought along a strangely large collection of Skyrim mods that could probably get the game banned if they launched as official DLC.

Here’s a look at some of these mods. Keep in mind that these are essentially NSFW Skyrim mods, although we’ve picked out screenshots that should be fine to view at work.

Caliente’s Beautiful Bodies Edition – CBBE

Let’s just get the biggest one out of the way, shall we? How many of you clicked this link hoping to find nudity?

Well, if that’s what you were looking for, here it is. CBBE is infamous in the Skyrim modding community. It opens up the portal for skimpy outfits, unrealistic bodies, and full-on nudity.

Once you download this mod, you are given a body slider that allows you to customize bodies to make them curvier and more sexually appealing. You can then download add-on mods for outfits, body presets, and more.

It should be noted that this mod only works for female NPCs in Skyrim, unfortunately.


Smooth Body Textures for Better Males and SOS

Smooth Body Textures for Better Males and SOS is essentially the male version of CBBE. Once again, it overly sexualizes the NPCs in Skyrim and adds full nudity, this time for males.

Oh, and by the way, ‘SOS’ stands for Schlongs of Skyrim. That should paint a clear picture about exactly what this mod is about.

Temptress Race Mod

Paired with CBBE, the Temptress race mod might be the first NSFW mod that’s also lore friendly. This mod introduces a new race with new special traits and characteristics.

Essentially, the Temptresses are Nord descendants – they are a women-only race that have been blessed by Dibella, the goddess of love and beauty.

This blessing has given the temptress a seductive nature, making them charming enough to control others with their beauty.

Playing as the Temptress race allows you to use Seductive Mayhem and Seductive Harmony. Seductive Mayhem causes everybody in a radius around the Temptress to attack each other.

Seductive Harmony does the opposite and makes everybody in a radius stop fighting. The Temptress race is also immune to disease.

On top of being able to select the Temptress as a race, this mod introduces five Temptress followers. They are scattered around the temples of Skyrim.

Each has a different loadout and location:

  • Vixen (Ranged) – Temple of Kynareth in Whiterun
  • Eliza: (Ranged) – Temple of the Divines in Solitude
  • Sasha: (2H Melee) – Temple of Talos in Windhelm
  • Jasmin: (2H Melee) – Temple of Dibella in Markarth
  • Chloe: (Ranged) – Temple of Mara in Riften

Finally, this mod adds a skimpy ‘Temptress’ outfit that can be found in the game, crafted, or worn.

On its own, the Temptress Race mod could easily pass off as an official DLC for Skyrim, but due to the nature of the mod, it’s no surprise that modders had to take it a step further and add nudity to it.


Deadly Mutilation – Dismemberment Blood and Gore

This mod would probably get by fine as a full DLC release in most countries, but in countries where excessive gore is not allowed in video games, Deadly Mutilation just wouldn’t get past approval.

Deadly Mutilation is exactly what you’d expect it to be. When you kill enemies, you’ll mutilate their bodies. The place you hit enemies will change how the dismemberment works as well. For example, a swing at the neck will knock an NPC’s head right off, but you can also cut people in half by swinging at their waist, or chop off limbs.

Deadly Mutilation also throws in gibs that fly out at random when you attack players too, alongside tons and tons of blood. For those unaware, gibs are just organs, guts, and everything else that fortunately for us sits on the inside of our bodies.

This mod is pretty much as gory as you could imagine, and then some.


Killable and Lootable Children

Imagine you’re playing an RPG game. You sneak into a house and steal somebody’s valuables. You think you’ve walked through the house unnoticed, but then you realise the family were awake and watching the whole time.

Solution? You just mow them down there so that they don’t run to the guards. Trouble is, one of the witnesses is a child and in video games, they’re invincible.

That’s it, your crime spree comes to an end due to an immersion breaking ‘feature’.

One thing that always broke immersion for me in video games is that children were invincible. It was frustrating that everybody could be damaged and at least knocked out when attacked, but children would have this sort of force field around them that’d stop attacks from making contact with them.

This is obviously due to some kind of video game violence regulations, and I can understand why anybody that doesn’t play video games would agree with keeping this rule in place.

But for me, and many others, adding this feature just breaks immersion. I want to be able to have the freedom to do anything in a video game. The killable and lootable children mod fixes that problem. This mod also allows you to pickpocket children.

Another mod that works well alongside this is the killable essential characters mod. With that, characters that play an important part in the main quest line can be killed, instead of just knocked down.

This means that if they get in harm’s way, you’ll be screwed. It’s more immersive that way.


Thanks for reading! Are there any Skyrim mods that you’ve seen that could be added to this list?