5 Toxic Communities That Make All Gamers Look Bad

While toxic gamers are a minority in the general gaming community, unfortunately there are several individual gaming communities that have a significant amount of disrespectful players. These are five gaming communities that we believe to have negative undertones.

5. Minecraft

image: Minecraft.net

Kicking off this list is the kid-friendly survival game, Minecraft. Despite a good portion of the community working together to create extraordinary things, there is a good portion of bad seeds that can ruin the game for everyone. Many players have a personal vendetta to destroy your creations and will troll innocent players trying to play with their friends.

4. Halo series

image: Beyond Entertainment

During the sixth generation, Halo was the definitive first-person shooter. If Halo 2 was not Xbox Live’s most popular online game, it is definitely in the top 3 for sure. While the game has decreased in popularity over the years due to the success of Call of Duty and Battlefield the franchise still has a loyal fan base that will hop online and play a game or two of Slayer or Capture the Flag.

However, with every great online shooter, there are always a group of newcomers to the series (so let’s say Halo 4 and beyond in this instance) who will showcase a cocky attitude, while trying to start beef with old school Halo fans not to mention the forums have become the slaughtering grounds for fans of the franchise to begin online debates arguing which game is the best in the series and which one is the worst. The game also is said to have created teabagging.

3. Call of Duty franchise

image: MacGameStore

One of the more infamous communities within the gaming world the Call of Duty series has been known to have the worst case of toxicity within the first-person shooter genre. You have one-half of the community that claims that all the games are the same and claim that they “will never buy another Call of Duty game,” but they always preorder. Then you have another part of the community that’s full of little kids who will scream your ears off and will yell all sorts of derogatory things or how they “f*cked your mom last night.” Let’s not forget the elitist gamers who rage quit when their team is losing.

2. Dark Souls franchise

image: Game Rant

There’s no denying that the Dark Souls series is infamous for its difficulty. With every game that is known for its difficulty, there’s always a group of fans that love to boost their ego about their skill for the game. A large population of the community is home to elitist gamers who think they are the best Dark Souls player of all time while giving crap to players that are not up to their skill and will berate those who actively seek for tips and assistance on trying to get better at the game, often leading to some players telling them to “GIT GUD.”

On top of that, the online community is just as bad if not worse. With many players showboating, hacking, and some nefarious people who intentionally try to overload the servers and make the game lag for other players.

1. League of Legends

image: YouTube

Referred to by many as “the most toxic MOBA community,” League of Legends tends to bring out the ugly side of gamers. Home to some of the most profane and immature gamers you will ever encounter, it is no surprise to encounter verbal abuse.