5 upcoming shooter games that will redefine this generation

There are different ways a game can change a genre. It can be so unique that every game that comes after it seems to draw influence, like a Bioshock for instance (How many games tried to capture the same feel after that one?)

Alternatively, a game can be stale and more of the same to a point where a game that formerly dominated the genre no longer appeals to its core audience – which definitely changes things up as it leaves an opening for a new leader to emerge, we won’t name any names.

Here are some upcoming shooters that could be game changers, for a variety of reasons.

5. Battalion 1944

image: batalliongame.com

This isn’t anything new perse, but it’s more of a throwback to a genre that’s gone astray from its roots. It was announced via Kickstarter, and takes us back to classic PC shooters through the lens of WW2 on the Unreal Engine.

The game was funded which shows there’s a demand for more of a classical style PC shooter, and if it does well it will undoubtedly inspire more to come along.

4. Farpoint

image: youtube.com

VR is constantly gaining traction, whether it’s some fun tech demos, or a fitness game, but what it really needs is that big breakout FPS that proves to the masses that it’s more than just a gimmick. It’s going to be luanhing alongside the PlayStation VR Aim Controller, could this be Sony’s “Duckhunt”? We’ll see, but so far things look promising.

This game takes place on a hostile alien planet, and will definitely have you breaking a sweat as there’s a lot of real life movement involved. This could be a game changer in terms of getting people off the couch with a game that’s fun enough to keep them interested once the novelty wears off.

3. Prey

image: digitalspyuk

Prey is another upcoming shooter that looks badass based on the initial looks we’ve had it at. Some have compared it to Bioshock, but it looks like it goes deeper to the roots of System Shock. There’s no shortage of mind-bending narrative-driven FPS games, but we’re craving one that really breaks out and redefines the genre.

This isn’t so much a reboot to the original Prey game, rather it seems more like taking another swing. The first one was very underrated.

2. Death Stranding

image: technobuffalo.com

A bit hesitant to add this one, since we really don’t know much about it. Some have predicted that “It will be its own genre,” and that’s probabally true. Chances are there will be guns that you can shoot, but it’s unclear how closely it will fall into the shooter genre.

This is one of the most highly anticipated games on the horizon, and we can’t wait to see what Kojima comes out with. Whatever it is, there’s no doubt it will prove to be influential in one way or another.

1. Days Gone

Check out the gameplay trailer, this looks like a fully-fleshed out version of the CoD Zombie mode in third person with a whole lot added to it. Of course, other games have had horde modes as well, and there’s probabally even a touch of Left 4 Dead in here.

It’s take fun elements from a lot of games and putting them together, with its own twist, to make something new. We also see some World War Z, The Last of Us… They’re taking familiar elements from the “zombie genre” and making something that looks like a blast.

The anxiety of being chased by a giant mob of zombies, the excitement of slamming one of their heads into a saw, and many other hand-to-hand combat moves mixed in with the shooting, sign me up.