6 Deadly Sniper Games That Let You Be The Ultimate Sharpshooter

No scope headshots are cool, but there’s no feeling in gaming quite like lining up an unexpecting duck from a virtual mile away and putting some lead on target. A genre that doesn’t have many standalone titles, the use of sniper rifles and sniping can be found in most First Person Shooters.

We feel that Battlefield 1 sniper should have been included, but agree with the rest of the games that made the cut. We’re currently in love with how smooth and satisfying sniping is in BF1.


Sniping games represent a complex physics based gaming mechanic which developers can have a field day recreating in-game. We tried to find games that really incorporated sniping in a big way we avoided including more then one title from a single franchise.

6. Silent Scope

Silent Scope is the forefather of sniping games. It was created in 1999 for arcades by Konami and the player had to physically change his position when playing since the rifle was actually attached to the console. Time can be extended if the player kills certain enemies and life can be refilled when the player spots an attractive woman or gets some bonus points. It was 1999, what did you expect.

Anyway, the gameplay mechanics are really simple and the final goal is to kill as many enemies as possible in order to save the American Presidential family from kidnappers. Its story is modest and the controls are very simplistic, but Silent Scope takes its rightful place in history as a game that paved the way for other future sniping titles.

5. Arma 3

Even though is not purely a game about sniping, Arma 3 has hyper realistic physics that deserve a place in our list. With bullets being affected by the smallest gust of wind, the player has to be very careful when fixing his target. Also the Heads-Up-Display is very minimalist so you have to be aware of your surroundings at all time.

There are no flashy bars to indicate that something is wrong or how much the bullet drop is going to affect your shot. So, if you feel like trying a fairly good sniping experience, Arma 3 is a video game that might quench your thirst for some realistic aiming and shooting.

4. Far Cry 3

Again not a sniper game by nature, however Far Cry 3 is a game where the player has to use strategy when going in for a kill. A fairly good idea is to stay cloaked in silence, look through the scope and wait for the right moment to push the trigger or you can approach you opponent from behind and attack him melee style.

But for the sniping enthusiast Far Cry 3 sure has some sweet options. The game is so permissive with its open world approach that you can play it entirely as a hitman, there is no need for close quarter combat to eliminate your targets. From this point of view we can consider Far Cry 3 a good example of a sniping game.

3. Hitman: Sniper Challenge

A standalone title that comes as a sub game of Hitman: Absolution. Hitman: Sniper Challenge takes Agent 47 in yet another killing mission. The single weapon in the game is a bolt-action rifle with a silencer. The player has to stay on a balcony from where he targets a rooftop rave party.

There he must find and kill the villain: Richard Strong Jr and his crew of bouncers. The more targets you kill, the more points you gain and achievements you unlock. Even though this game doesn’t have the deepest story, Hitman: Sniper Challenge sure is a game where all you have to do is snipe! Oh, and get rid of the bodies, of course.

2. Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2

The physics in this game will have to be carefully taken into consideration by the player, as all the environmental aspects will influence the aiming and shooting of the sniper rifle. Bullets are affected by air drafts, the distance from the target affects the resulting shot and the aiming process is as realistic as possible.

Even though it was said to not have such a complex story and the multiplayer is not so well developed, Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 still remains a title played and preferred by the genre enthusiasts. Its action is fast paced and this keeps the player alert contributing to the whole gameplay experience.

1. Sniper Elite III

Popular for its kill-cam that shows gruesome images of bullets entering and exiting human bodies through flesh and bones… and testicles… Sniper Elite III concentrates on stealth and tactics. The player has to relocate several times as not to be spotted by enemies. It is one of the few games that takes this realistic aspect into account.

Also, besides the bullet drop and the multiple difficulties available, the player has to steady his reticle by holding his breath right before he pulls the trigger. These realistic details enhance the authenticity of the gameplay and and further immerse the sniper. The detailed damage effects shown every time you hit an object, be it human or not, act as a kind of guilty pleasure, but are also the hallmark of the entire game.