6 Videogames That Are Much Better RPGs Than Fallout 4

Fallout 4 is probably one of the best games of all time. It has fantastic shooter elements, coupled with an amazingly detailed open world. The overall vibe and dark humor the game can give off, really sets it apart from any other game.

It has one major setback though. The game is marketed as a first person shooter/RPG. The problem being, it’s pretty weak as an RPG. Sure, you have choices you can make, factions you can side with, and multiple endings. But we’ve seen RPG elements executed far better in other games. Here’s some examples.

Fallout 2


Fallout 2 adds a moral ambiguity to it that can really make it difficult to tell right from wrong. That’s very key in creating a good RPG. You play the game as a tribal villager, searching for the G.E.C.K, or Garden of Eden Creation Kit. Interplay did wonders with this game and it has firmly cemented itself as one of the top 5 RPG’s of all time.

The Witcher 3


The Witcher 3 did something no game has ever done. It beat Bethesda. That’s right, for the first time in Bethesda’s history, they were beat at the Video Game Awards. That really says something about this title.

The general consensus that it’s main reason for winning, was it’s RPG elements. The Witcher 3 has, what feels like, endless NPC’s handing out fun and interesting quests. On top of it, I’d rather walk somewhere than fast travel in this game because of it’s stunning visuals.