6 Greatest Video Game Developers Of All Time According to Angry Irish Man

Game development is a difficult task, especially today where social media plays a big factor when it comes to interacting with your fans. Games are getting more and more interactive, and rival developers are always working on the next best thing, setting the bar high.

That said, with enough pressure you can create diamonds, and this list of developers are the shiniest of them all. One could even feel spoiled surrounded by a vast amount of talented people, and gamers are lucky to have the following developers make games for us.

Now this doesn’t mean there aren’t any other great developers out there, otherwise this list would be much longer. I just gathered 6 of someone the best out there. It’s a hard job and you gotta appreciate the work these developers put into their games. (Trust me I study computer science). ¬†Whether Tripe A or even someone working on a mobile game like the one below.21

Let’s take a look at who I think is the best of the best: