6 reasons that prove Consoles are better than PC

There are pros and cons when it comes to gaming on a PC or on consoles, and you’ve just got to decide which ones matter the most to you. Once you’ve picked a side, you’ve got to dig your heels in and defend your purchase mercilessly anytime the topic comes up, including personal attacks and straw-man arguments about anyone who chose the other side.

If the debate doesn’t come up often enough, bring it up! Xbox vs Playstation? Lay down your swords, you’re on the same team now. Here are 6 compelling arguments in favor of consoles, just in case you’re ever cornered by a member of the pcmasterrace.

6. PC gets sloppy seconds

There are plenty examples of games being developed with consoles as the top priority. When a console game gets ported to PC, you usually can’t hope for much. There are exceptions to this, of course, but there’s also Arkham Knight. If there are more people gaming on consoles, it stands to reason that consoles are going to be the top priority for most developers.

5. Playing for keeps

image: vicogaming

When you buy a game on the computer, you download it that’s it. You can’t trade it in, or sell it. Granted, console’s don’t get all of the crazy sales that you’ll see for (usually older) PC games on sites like steam, but at least you can sell or trade your games when you’re done with them if you have the actual disc, and you can get a lot of older titles for a fraction of what they originally cost, too. You can also trade games with your buddies, and save even more cash by buying used games.

4. There are more (bad) games on PC

People will talk about the huge catalog of PC games, and that you have almost limitless backwards compatibility for older titles. Yes, there are a ton of PC games, and a ton of amazing ones from over the years, but there’s also an incredible amount of total stinkers to have to wade through.