6 RPG Games You Can Play on a Mid-Range PC

PC gaming can be quite an expensive hobby, but not every game requires high-end PC parts in order to play some fun games. Here are 6 role-playing games that you can play on a PC with mid-range specs.

6. Titan Quest

Image: YouTube

Developed by Iron Lore Entertainment and published by the now defunct THQ, Titan Quest is a hack and slash ARPG released in 2006. The main focus of the game has players creating their own warrior, as they venture through ancient China, Eygpt, and Greece as they and defeating Titans that have escaped from prison.

5. The Last Remnant

Image: YouTube

Developed and published by Square Enix, The Last Remnant is a turn base JRPG. Set in a fictional world, which is separated into multiple city-states, players control Rush Sykes, who is searching for his sister and somehow finds himself in the middle of an ancient world.

4. Dragon Age: Origins

Image: USgamer

Dragon Age: Origins is a 2009 ARPG developed by BioWare and published by its parent company, Electronic Arts. Players create their own customizable character, who is a new recruit in the archaic order known as the Grey Wardens. The main focus of the game has players on a quest to defeat the leader of the demonic group known as the “Darkspawn.”

3. Jade Empire

Image: PickyNerd

Jade Empire was developed by BioWare and published by Microsoft Studio. Originally released in 2005, this ARPG did not see a PC release until 2 years later. Jade Empire tells the story of an orphaned protagonist, who is searching for their missing paternal figure and mentor.

2. Bastion

Image: YouTube

A colorful ARPG with a level-based structure, Bastion is a colorful RPG released in 2011 and developed by an independent developer, known as Supergiant Games. Set in an apocalyptic setting, players assume the role of Kid, a mute protagonist, who must collect special rock shards in order to power, the Bastion.

1. Fallout 3

Image: GamerPick

Our number one pick is one of Bethesda’s most critically acclaimed video games and the third main installment in the Fallout series. Set in a post-apocalyptic Washington D.C., players take control of a vault dweller from Vault 101, who ventures across the Capital Wasteland searching for their father.