6 Videogame Endings That Made Gamers Feel Insulted and Disrespected


Credit: Hello Games

No Man’s Sky

We’ve touched on No Man’s Sky before. However, usually we just bag on Hello Games’ colossal disappointment of a game for not living up to the expectations the developers set for it. Not this time though. We’re after No Man’s Sky for a completely different crime this time. No Man’s Sky is in the contention for most disappointing ending to a game- ever. After spending countless time trying to reach the center of the universe, the game rewards your discovery not with an incredible new planet, new tech, or even just some resources. No. It just sends you off to some random corner of the universe for you to start the journey all over again. Rude.


Credit: EA Games

Mass Effect 3

For a game from a series that is so loved for its complex and weighty decisions, Mass Effect 3 has an ending that is basically a virtual slap in the face. You spend the whole game under the delusion that all of your choices are important, that each and every decision you make will have profound effects on the ending of the game and the fate of the universe. Then Mass Effect 3 pulls the rug out from underneath you by presenting you with a final choice, a choice that has the same 3 options and the same 3 outcomes regardless of anything you have or haven’t done in the game. What the hell, Mass Effect. Why would you do this to us? Hopefully Mass Effect: Andromeda will be better. Unfortunately, early reviews haven’t been great.